Trends in the Bridesmaids Bouquet

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When brides design their bridesmaids’ bouquets, they follow the latest trends in coordinating these pretty wedding flower pieces with their own spotlight bride’s bouquets. Of course, the bride’s bouquet stands out above all with its size and the lushness of its florals, the sparkle of rhinestones or the shimmer of crystals accenting the bouquet. Most of our New Jersey brides want their own bouquets to shine, but they also want their bridesmaids’ bouquets to be lovely both in person and in their wedding photos and wedding video. They want their bridesmaids to love the flowers they’re carrying.

Another trend that carries into bridesmaid bouquet design is the use of those bouquets as wedding décor accents, perhaps surrounding the wedding cake, or placed as decorations by the guest book, tribute photos, on the family photo table and at other spots throughout the wedding venue. With a décor spotlight on bridesmaid bouquets, great care is taken to design these beautiful bouquets.

Here are the top bridesmaid bouquet design trends that we have seen here at the Pleasantdale Chateau and that local New Jersey special event planners and floral designers have reported as being the most often-requested wedding floral design ideas:

  • The bridesmaids’ bouquets are a few inches smaller than the bride’s bouquet. Not dramatically smaller. Not half the size of the bride’s bouquet, but just a few inches smaller in diameter.
  • The bridesmaids’ bouquet colors coordinate with the bride’s bouquet flower colors, with the bridesmaids’ flower colors featured in more pastel shades than the bride’s vibrant bouquet hues, or the bridesmaids’ vibrant bouquets being comprised of two bright colors – such as red and orange – while the bride simply carries an all-red bouquet.
  • The maid of honor’s bouquet is most often designed to stand out from the bridesmaids’ flowers, often including a greater number of brightly-colored flowers.
  • The bridesmaids’ bouquets consist of mostly the same types of flowers that the bride has included in her own bouquet, but the bride gets a greater number of exotic or larger flowers in her bouquet.
  • Bridesmaids’ bouquets are made in the same style as the bride’s bouquet, with the vast majority of our New Jersey brides from Short Hills, Mendham, Morristown, Far Hills, Franklin Lanes, Basking Ridge and other local regions choosing hand-tied bouquets for their bridesmaids. This is a return to a true bouquet style for bridesmaids, a welcome change from the budget-saving trend of having bridesmaids carry a single rose or a single calla lily. Many brides feel that a single bloom doesn’t fit with a lavishly-planted, floral garden wedding venue or a wedding ballroom decorated with large, dramatic floral arrangements. So bridesmaids’ bouquets have returned to a chic, modern hand-tied style.
  • Bridesmaids’ bouquets are designed to include a touch of sparkle from crystal or rhinestone pin accents within the blooms or affixed to the handle.
  • Brides are using unique leaves and tiny flower filler in their bridesmaids’ bouquets to provide a visually interesting look and also keep their floral design costs lower, giving them more of their wedding flower budget to devote to their own bouquets, centerpieces and wedding cake flowers.


Michael Mahle, Director of Communications, Pleasantdale Château

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