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A bride may dream most often and most vocally about her wedding gown, but it’s the design of her bridal bouquet that puts that perfect finishing touch on her wedding day look. The trends in wedding flowers change often, with bouquets growing larger then shrinking again into tightly-packed masterpieces filled with roses and stephanotis, and our New Jersey brides’ bouquets are now especially accessorized with sparkle and glamour and diamond pins.

We’ve collected the latest trends in bride’s bouquet designs, to help you create your ideal wedding flowers look, and complete your dream wedding day ensemble:

Bouquet Styles: Ninety-five percent of today’s wedding bouquets are hand-tied designs, in which the flowers are gathered together by hand in a symmetrical, round design, then the stems are wrapped first with securing floral tape, then wrapped again with wide, satin ribbon. This style provides for both formal and informal wedding looks as the most modern and stylish of today’s brides’ bouquet selections.

Bouquet Colors: Vibrant colors are in, with our New Jersey brides looking to the recent Pantone Color Report for wedding hues to adhere to the current hot shades of coral, turquoise, yellow, bright red, fuchsia, and purple. Bright, vibrant wedding bouquets may be monochromatic – such as an all-red bouquet — or they may be mixes of bright colors and a lighter shade of that same color. Still popular among many of our brides is the all-white bridal bouquet, perhaps with subtle touches of light pink or sage green flowers to add just a bit of dimension in the bouquet.

Here are some of the top bouquet color combinations expected as the hot shades of spring and summer this year:

  • Red and orange
  • Coral and yellow
  • Yellow and sage green
  • Purple and lilac
  • Blue and purple

Bouquet Flowers: The top bride’s bouquet flowers include the top overall wedding flowers in the New Jersey wedding realm, with roses continuing to be the most popular at elegant weddings. Our brides love exotic wedding flowers in their wedding décor as well as in their bouquets, so we’re seeing more orchids and gardenias in floral pieces carried by our brides. And for both formal and informal garden weddings, the bride’s bouquet includes lilies, peonies, tulips, hydrangeas, and stephanotis.

Bouquet Accents: As mentioned, our local New Jersey brides bring their sense of sophisticated style into their bridal bouquets as well as to their wedding gowns, accenting their bouquets – within the blooms and on the wrapped handle — with crystal pins, jewel pins, rhinestone picks, pearl pins, and even true diamond brooches or pins that may be gifts from the groom or their parents, or may be an heirloom jewelry pieces handed down to her by a beloved relative or her new in-laws. Our brides are also incorporating into their wedding floral décor and bridal bouquets tiny accent touches that convey their wedding theme: seashells or butterflies or feathers are seen most often lately here at our West Orange wedding venue. And many of our brides add a touch of good luck to their bouquets by pinning on saint medallions or inserting a lucky penny into them.

With so much design thought and value placed on the bridal bouquet, it’s rarely this floral piece that is presented to a special female relative, or thrown to the awaiting single ladies. Most of our brides have at the ready a separate, small bouquet or nosegay featuring bright, fresh flowers that is used for this wedding celebration ritual.


Michael Mahle, Director of Communications, Pleasantdale Château

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