Wedding Photo Trends: Great Poses for the Bridal Party

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Bridal Party Photos

Bridal Party Photos

Many of our New Jersey wedding couples choose to skip the stereotypical bridal party photos, such as the one of the entire bridal party jumping up in the air, and especially the photo in which the groomsmen hold the bride sideways. A top wedding trend is to add more originality to the bridal party group photos, and we have some suggestions for you, according to the top wedding photographers in our area:

  • Arrange the entire bridal party, and yourselves, in an artistic shot such as all of you in your wedding garden locale, with some people sitting on chairs and some standing for a hi-low effect that creates visual interest.
  • Arrange your bridal party on and around a grand staircase
  • Take candid photos of you and your bridal party clinking glasses in a champagne toast
  • Take candid photos of a bridal party group dance that captures the action and fun of your wedding reception.
  • Take photos from a distance of you and your bridal party walking through your wedding venue gardens
  • Have your photographer capture you with your bridesmaids, reflected in your wedding grounds’ pond or reflecting pool
  • Stand with your bridesmaids under a gorgeous tree in your wedding gardens
  • The groom and his men can stand under a gorgeous, in-bloom tree as well
  • Get a group shot of everyone eating dessert
  • Have your bridal party members hold large signs that you’ve created especially for this group shot. Your sign might say, “We’re having the time of our lives!” or “We wish you happiness and love!”
  • Have your bridal party members hold bunches of colorful balloons, a top wedding idea that many couples use for their engagement photos, too
  • At a winter wedding, pose with your bridal party out in the snow, and perhaps capture a lighthearted snowball fight.
  • In the fall, pose your group in your fall foliage-colored wedding gardens
  • Pose for photos with your bridesmaids in your classic car
  • The groom can pose with the groomsmen in your classic car as well
  • Take extra-special photos with your flowergirls and ringbearers, especially in your garden wedding setting
  • Take a photo with your bridesmaids, with all the ladies showing off their shoes, one of the most popular wedding photos, and the groom and his groomsmen can follow up with a playful shot of their shoes (also a top wedding idea)
  • Take a photo of yourself proposing a toast to your bridesmaids, and have your groom do the same for his men
  • Pose your bridal party on a balcony, and have your wedding photographer take a photo from below
  • Have fun in your photo booth! Pose with each of your bridesmaids, in groups or with all of your attendants, using fun props and playful poses that become keepsakes right away.
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