Wedding Photo Trends: Great Photos With Parents

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Great Photos With Parents

Great Photos With Parents

Wedding photos with parents used to be traditional photos of the bride flanked in either side by her mother and father, with the groom in the same pose with his parents, and then the couple with each set of parents and then with all parents. If you like the classic parent poses, by all means keep them on your Must Get wedding photography wishlist, but consider some of these new options, suggested by the top NJ wedding photographers, to get more natural-looking photos that you’ll be more likely to frame and display:

  • The bride kissing her mom or dad on the cheek
  • The bride’s dad taking her hand to help her up a stair
  • The groom taking his mom by the hand
  • The bride and groom with both sets of parents, including step-parents in a stylized shot with some people sitting and some standing
  • A photo from behind the wedding couple and their parents, as they look out over a scenic vista or their wedding gardens
  • The wedding couple and their parents walking together on the wedding grounds
  • A reflection shot from the wedding gardens pond or lake, showing the couple with their parents
  • The wedding couple and their parents raising champagne glasses in a toast
  • Everyone eating wedding cake together (or a cultural wedding food)
  • The bride hugging her seated parents from behind as the groom smiles from the side (and the same shot with the groom hugging his parents, with the bride looking on, smiling)
  • The groom and his father hugging
  • The groom and his father-in-law hugging
  • The bride hugging her mother
  • The bride hugging her mother-in-law
  • The bride with the moms, including step-moms, arms around each other or – in a fun shot – showing off their shoes
  • The wedding couple and their parents posing on and around a wedding venue staircase
  • The group in front of a dramatic wedding garden tree or fountain
  • The group by a large window, with the sunlight streaming in
  • The group dancing together on the dance floor
  • The bride and her father dancing under a tree or in the gardens
  • The groom and his mother dancing under a tree or in the gardens
  • Close-up shot of the bride holding her father’s hand, then her mother’s hand
  • The bride with the mothers and all the sisters
  • The groom with the fathers and all the brothers
  • The bride with her mother and grandmother (and daughter, if applicable)
  • The groom with his father and grandfather (and son, if applicable)
  • The entire group of parents, grandparents, siblings and the wedding couple, taken from a distance as they walk in the gardens
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