Wedding showers and Bridal showers

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by Rolf Shick, Banquet Manager, The Manor

Wedding showers aren’t just for the bride and her female friends and bridesmaids anymore; today they can actually be co-ed affairs. Some couples are turning this tradition into another opportunity to socialize and get to know friends of their spouse-to-be a little better. You can base a shower around brunch and finish with an array of desserts. A signature drink can also be a fun way to incorporate a theme or set off the décor for the pre-wedding shower.

The gifts traditionally given at a shower can also be realigned in keeping with the new focus of the gathering. If you’ve spent a lot on the wedding itself and had to dispense with a honeymoon as a result, think about registering your honeymoon instead of having a traditional gift registry. After all, a lot of brides and grooms are already forgoing the traditional registry and instead registering for high-tech electronics or wines to add to their collection. And a variety of hotels allow brides and grooms to let guests make contributions to the honeymoon fund on their hotel websites.

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