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Having trouble deciding on your wedding venue? Do you crave something different to spice up your big day? Love the water? Take to the high seas or your local river on a yacht for your ceremony and reception.  There are so many ways to incorporate a nautical theme into your big day; you’ll be itching to hop aboard. We, the wedding planning experts at The Manor, are ready to set sail with you on the trip of a lifetime!

Where to sail?

There are some great aquatic locations around the tri-state area for both locals and travelers to enjoy. Take a trip around Manhattan on the East and Hudson Rivers. Enjoy scenic views of The Big Apple and circle around the Statue of Liberty. Or perhaps if the ocean is more your speed, sail along the coast of Long Island Sound, or perhaps enjoy views of the Jersey Shore. Whether it be your favorite crystalline lake, a rushing river, or the great Atlantic, you’re bound to find the perfect spot for you and your partner to cast off and set sail.

Let there be Cake

If you are having your wedding on the water, you are going to want your wedding cake to reflect the lovely waves. Instead of going for the old-fashioned white cake, add some blue hues by having the frosting replicate crashing waves and mystic sea foam.  Adorn your cake with some simple touches, such as seashells, starfish, coral, and small schools of fish. To go even farther with the theme, add mermaids, krakens, a pirate battle, or some classic sailors. Can’t decide on your favorite sea creature? Bring all of your favorites to your wedding with cupcakes! Each can be decorated differently, and have different flavors to match their respective themes.

Gone Fishing

A big wedding element that every wedding planner and bride both stress over involves creating a delicious menu that the guests will enjoy. When getting married on the waves, it’s perfectly acceptable to have the menu come straight from the ocean. Bring all of your favorite seafood to the table. Shellfish like mussels and clams make for great appetizers. Shrimp can be served with garlic, Cajun spices, grilled, and the list goes on longer than the ocean’s deep depths. For dinner, the ocean’s denizens will satisfy your hunger. Salmon, trout, tuna, swordfish, you name it. Take dinner to the next level with crustaceans, and have crab or lobster on the menu. Sushi is also a great option, but be sure to include other options for your guests. Speaking of other options, some of your guests may be allergic, vegetarians, or simply do not enjoy seafood, so be sure to include food from on land in your menu as well.

Make it Nautical

Your reception’s decorations must be in sync with your theme. Begin with anchors, old-fashioned steering wheels, or life buoys. Add shells and sea life to your centerpieces, or the sailor route with some captain’s hats and some old-fashioned sailboats. Take a trip on a pirate ship with some treasure chests, peg legs, parrots, and eye patches. Bring the fantasy world to life with mermaids, underwater castles, and giant squids. Add classic signs that read “Ahoy, Matey!” and “Setting Sail!” to the walls of your reception.

Swim your way to the wedding of a lifetime as you take to the high seas. There are so many different ways you can bring your love of the salty sea breeze and washing waves to life. Tip: bring Dramamine for guests experiencing seasickness, and have a backup plan in case the weather creates rough waves. Nevertheless, you are going to love your big day on the high seas. Need more advice? Contact our expert wedding planners at The Manor today!

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