Wedding Trend: Cupcakes vs. Wedding Cake

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Cupcake vs CakeDeciding on the flavor of the wedding cake is a minor feat in regards to the entire scope of your wedding planning; often the yummy cake-tasting adventure makes up for it. But today, couples can jump on the bandwagon by offering your guest’s alternatives to the traditional tiered, butter cream frosted, wedding cake. With artisan varieties in all flavors and textures, a hot new trend fresh out of the oven and on to your wedding dessert table are cupcakes! And these cupcakes are not your average Funfetti or Betty Crocker brand. The wedding planners at The Manor dish on the benefits of serving this decadent dessert at your upcoming wedding.

Cupcakes Offer The Same Flavors As Wedding Cakes

It can be a challenge for a bride and groom to both agree on a flavor of wedding cake, or deviate from cliché flavors the vast majority of guests will enjoy (like vanilla or chocolate), but cupcakes can bypass this burden. Cupcakes aren’t just for kids, but rather a unique way to set your guests on a taste bud adventure by introducing them to new cake flavors and fun fillings.

Cupcake options are endless; bakers can incorporate any flavor imaginable into a sweet and spongy masterpiece. By offering different varieties of cupcakes guests can pick and choose a new flavor and indulge. Wedding day cupcakes may include red velvet with cream cheese frosting, champagne flavored, white mocha, cannoli cupcake with tasty cream filling, pistachio with chocolate sour cream frosting, peanut butter with jelly filling, or how about blueberry with blueberry cream cheese frosting?

Cupcakes Are Easy to Eat

There’s nothing like a tasty cupcake to bring back fond memories of childhood birthday parties and other celebrations. Unlike traditional wedding cakes, cupcakes do not require a fork and knife; at times plates aren’t even necessary because the wrapper acts as one.

Since cupcakes are individualized, guests receive the perfect portion with fewer leftovers. You can opt for traditional sized cupcakes, extra large, or mini cupcakes. Not sure how many cupcakes to order? A good rule of thumb is to assume each guest will eat two cupcakes. But don’t be surprised if they devour more of these tasty treats. If there are extras, assemble to-go boxes to give as favors.

Cupcakes Can Create A Unique Presentation

Unlike the typical two styles of wedding cake shape; tiered or sheet cake, there are a number of ways to creatively display cupcakes at your wedding reception. A few options include tiers, creating a monogram layout across a table, or assemble cupcakes in a wedding dress shape. So long as guests can easily access the cupcakes, they are sure to be a success.

Second to mouthwatering flavor, you can decorate cupcakes to seamlessly blend with your wedding’s color scheme and theme. There are numerous cake decorating tools that create dazzling designs. For example, piping bags have a variety of tips for elegant or whimsical piping techniques, or you can order cupcake toppers your wedding date and monogram. Furthermore, you can coordinate the cupcake liners with your tablecloths, or choose to frost them to match the centerpieces; it will completely tie the look together while creating a beautiful wedding memory.

Planning Your Wedding Dessert Menu

With the ease of eating and endless options for flavors and filling, offering cupcakes at your wedding can please both adult guests and children. Not sure what to serve? Why not opt to feature both cupcakes and a small-tiered cake? Feature a three-tier display with a 6-8inch cake as the top tier, and cupcakes spiraling down. Many couples features cupcake displays alongside other favorite deserts for example slices of carrot or red velvet cake. You can also display a tier with mini tarts, truffles, and other bite-sized desserts to offer guests more variety and room to try all the desserts.


For more wedding planning ideas and sweet trends this wedding season, contact a top New Jersey Wedding venue near you today!

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