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Best of Wedding MusicAfter you make your commitment to that special someone, planning a wedding is the next string of decisions you will make together as a couple. Picking the right music to set the right tone for your wedding is important. From your walk down the aisle, dinner hour music, song dedications, to revving up the dance floor, we’ve complied our Best of Wedding Music blog from our most popular blogs to date, to make sure that years from now, talk of your wedding day will be sweet music to your ears.

Which is Best: Band or DJ?

Choosing Between a Band or a Deejay for your Wedding Entertainment can be a difficult task, as there are many pros and cons to each choice. This blog will help guide your decision based on your preference regarding what particular atmosphere you wish to create, your energy level, your budget, your style, preferred genres, and your guests. What type of experience do you want to give your guests? Do you prefer a live concert or a night out feel? Do you want your guests to feel part of the show with a lot of interaction, or kick off their shoes and tear it up on the dance floor into the wee hours of the evening? You want to pick the best experience for you and your guests. If you feel torn, know that it’s common now for entertainment companies to include both a band and a deejay!

The Best First Dance

Top First Dance Songs for Bride and Groom are meant to be special as the songs a couple choose should best reflect their unique love story, whether it be the first song they ever slow danced to, or a song playing when they first met. This blog is filled with choices of popular songs from different genres as well as trends, to make your heart melt once again. Can’t decide on just one song? It is becoming popular to conclude the night celebration with a “last song”.

Get On Your Feet!

Wedding First Dance: Taking Dance Lessons will put each couple at ease from the spotlight, to the cameras; all eyes are on you for your first dance as newlyweds. This is the easiest and best way to boost your confidence through rehearsing and even coordinate your first dance. This blog suggests not limiting classes to be just the couple getting married, but rather bring the bride and grooms parents along for father-daughter and mother-son dance lessons too. Make it an event the whole immediate family can share together.

Cha Cha Now Y’all

Wedding Entertainment: Line Dances are making a comeback as a wider range of party moves are now incorporated from the traditional Macarena and Cha Cha, to busting out some signature 90’s boy band moves, to more popular teenage hop hip moves “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae’, “Womp” “Dougie”. This blog gives the best advice, such as to have a wide variety of party line dances for all ages to enjoy.  So keep, the “Hustle” and “Electric Slide” playing to give your aunts and uncles reason to flock to the dance floor.

This One’s For You

Wedding Song Dedications are quite popular at most weddings. We’ve heard the mc invite all couples onto the dance floor to share the tail end of the newlywed’s first song, but now there are other song dedications that are trending. This blog includes dedication ideas such as a thank you dedication to parents of the couple for all the planning of their big day to dedicating fun lively dance songs to bridal party members to including a particular culture’s favorite. How many is too many dedications? Learn the proper etiquette here.

Stay Up To Date!

Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2016 keeps couples engaged in trends such as featuring String musicians to add an element of elegance at your precession, reception entryway or cocktail hour. Make the night special and feature modern songs accompanied by an acoustic performance during the dinner hour. Perhaps pump up the jam with a bridal party surprise- a choreographed dance. By incorporating one of the many trends in this blog, your wedding will go from run of the mill to very memorable for you and your guests.

Maybe you just accepted a proposal, heard a song on the radio, or attended a wedding? Music expression is important and evokes emotion. Our wedding planners at The Manor, happily await your request to plan the wedding day you’ve been dreaming about forever and help make decisions regarding wedding music and each touching melody.

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