What To Do The Night Before The Wedding

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Night Before WeddingsWhile a wedding day brings much joy, ensuring that you finalize wedding plans the night before the wedding may be overwhelming for brides-to-be. With all of the hard work and planning coming to a close, from the little décor details to anticipating ecstatic emotions of a blissful tomorrow, The Manor has some tips and tricks to calm any pre-wedding jitters.

Double Check Details

As a bride you need to feel refreshed for the next day. Before the sun sets, take the time to double check on any last minute details including all payments to floral boutiques, caterers, music ensembles, or vendors. Prep the wedding gown, shoes, and veil in a safe place to avoid any wrinkles or stains. Pack a ‘wedding survival’ clutch for some emergency items such as bobby pins, mints, phone charger, Band-Aids, Advil, hairspray, and tissues.

Healthy Habits

Be sure to eat a well-balanced dinner such as lean chicken or fish with a side of rice and vegetables before the big day. Also, brides should avoid overly strenuous exercise the day before the wedding, thereby preventing the chance of injury. In addition, aim for at least 8 hours of beauty sleep. A good night’s sleep will give the body and mind the rest that it needs for the big day. Sleep experts recommend starting a balanced sleeping schedule at least thirty days before the wedding.

Book An Aesthetician

Hiring an aesthetician for a spa appointment the night before the wedding can greatly help you relax and reenergize. Booking a manicure and pedicure the night before the wedding, also helps to decrease the chance of nails chipping. However, be sure to avoid eyebrow waxing the night before the wedding to prevent a rash surfacing on your wedding day. Also, your aesthetician can incorporate essential oils such as lavender into your beauty treatments to further destress.

Mental Clarity

In order to reach a Zen-like state of mind, consider powering down your cell phone and television before crawling into bed. It’s best to limit cell phone use create quiet moments thus, avoiding stress. Instead of surfing the web, scrolling to check that your captured every idea on your wedding Pinterest board, choose to take a moment to focus on your life milestone. It is a growing trend for spouses to gather their thoughts, and write a final love letter. A final love letter is treasured for years to come, forming an artifact of their beautiful marriage. In addition, listening to calming music coupled with deep breathing techniques or meditation can help you fall asleep quickly. Furthermore, use these mindful exercises during the wedding to calm any nervous.

Prepare For Your Wedding Day

A wedding should be one of the most blissful milestones in one’s life. To ensure the night before runs as smoothly as the day to follow, brides should start practicing the mentioned mindful habits months before the wedding. The Manor has planned over 30,000 weddings, ensuring a peaceful and prepared walk down the aisle for thousands of couples.

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