Why You Should Avoid ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Weddings

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DIY WeddingsWedding planning can be a stressful ordeal, not to mention expensive. You may have heard your family and friends tell you that spending tons of money on one day isn’t worth it in the end. You may just want to save money for a honeymoon or a future home with your partner. This makes it tempting for you to skip the formal event planning and throw your own party Do-It-Yourself style. You should think twice about throwing a DIY wedding. Doing all the planning, decorating, and food by yourself will leave you too stressed out to enjoy your special day. Here are three reasons why you should avoid planning your wedding all by yourself.

  1. Wedding Planning Is Not Easy

This may sound like a given, but when you actually start to plan your own wedding you will see the endless factors that go into planning and executing a wedding. You have to think about the food, the location, the decorations, the food, and the guest list. These all take a tremendous amount of time and effort to successfully bring together for your special day. Doing it yourself means just that – you are doing all this planning and work by yourself or with only your partner and your close family.

Meanwhile, people make a living doing the planning to relieve you of all your stress so that you can relax and enjoy your day.  Unless you have expert wedding planners in your close circle, DIY wedding planning will be more work than you thought. Wedding planners, caterers, and venue managers all want to take away your stress and make your wedding special.

  1. Some DIY Wedding Planning Is Actually A Sham

Have you ever scrolled down Pinterest or browsed through a wedding planning website to find pictures showcasing beautiful DIY weddings? If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Behind the glitz and glamour, you may find that these successful DIY weddings aren’t so DIY after all. If that $100 budget wedding looked like it cost thousands of dollars, that’s because the budget was never actually $100.

The couple may have had help from a professional venue, caterer, decorator that were able to do a majority of the “DIY” work. If anything, when you see a DIY wedding, think of it more as a low-budget wedding, where the couple was able to successfully save money on some corners while still hosting a beautiful – yet not really a DIY – event.

  1. DIY Causes Unnecessary Stress & Work On Your Part

Many couples get caught up in the idea that their weddings have to be perfect. Your wedding should be one of the most beautiful days of your life and declaration of your everlasting love. However, this does not mean that you should go overboard in planning your wedding. Many DIY tips and tricks that you’ll find often revolve around decorations that frankly, no one is even going to notice. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars constructing custom tablecloths or banners.

These small details do not change the fact that this is your special day. Spend more time focusing on the bigger, important aspects, such as the venue for the wedding, and food selection. When you, your partner, and your guests look back on this day, they’re going to remember the big picture, not the small stuff that you’re wasting time and money trying to do by yourself.

Throw A Wedding With Peace of Mind

To make the wedding planning process as easy as possible, consult with a professional venue, caterer, and wedding planner. Have no fear when it comes to wedding plans because Knowles Hospitality has got you covered for all your wedding needs. When it comes to booking, catering, cakes, dress issues, and more Knowles Hospitality is here to help. For more information, contact us at (973) 731-2360 today!

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