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Best of Wedding CakesOn your wedding day, your reception is the place to celebrate your marriage with all of your loved ones. For many brides, months of planning also means paying attention to your health and weight to ensure you look extra ravishing on your big day. This also makes for an anticipated day of finally indulging and tasting your wedding cake. Why is a wedding cake important? How many fillings do you choose? When do you cut it? What style do you choose? To create a scrumptious cake and special cake-cutting event during your wedding reception, we’ve stirred up popular past blogs and baked you something truly special- our Best of Guide to Wedding Cakes.

The Latest in Frosting

Wedding Trends 2016: Wedding Cakes come in all shapes and sizes, but to know what’s ‘in’ and what’s outdated, delve into our blog. Hint: Seven-foot tall cakes are out! It’s best to stop after four to five tiers, thus allowing enough of a presence at the reception for everyone to “ooh” and “ahh”. From metallic frosting fondant to “Naked” cakes for couples with rustic flair, to cakes for the not-so-sweet tooth, sink your teeth into this blog for the best suggestions.

Keep it Flavorful

Trends in Wedding Cake Flavors 2014-2015 includes a tasty mix of both favorites like Chocolate, Chocolate Mousse, and then artisan Coconut Chai Latte. Still trending is having a series of smaller wedding cakes, which makes it fun for guests to sample a variety of flavor combinations. NJ has long been a fan of an Italian favorite, Cannoli flavored cake. There’s Chocolate and Salted Caramel Buttercream, Chocolate Nutella, Vanilla Passionfruit Buttercream. How about a trying a bolder flavor like Pink Champagne or Rum Custard. What about Spiced cake with Apple Buttercream or even Lavender? Read on if your mouth isn’t already watering.

The Best Cake Toppers

2014 Trends in Wedding Cake Toppers list is simple, yet lavish ways to top your cake that’s based on your personal style. You can decorate with “Best Day Ever” signage, to bride and groom silhouettes, to real mini bouquet flowers on top (especially for a garden wedding). They even make custom wedding couple figurines that incorporate silly couple’s gestures. Did you know you could even have matching mini toppers for cupcakes on the dessert table? The material, decorations, and possibilities are endless.

The First Slice

Ways to Make Cutting Your Wedding Cake a Special Moment from leading up to your first delicious bite, to the moment you catch it on camera, this act symbolizes the first task to complete as a couple. Whether the couple chooses to lovingly feed each other the first bite or make a spectacle cake smash moment, this blog offers a slice of advice on family heirloom knife and server, a keepsake plate, toasts to saving the tier! Read all you need to know about this memorable wedding highlight.

When’s the Best Time?

When to Cut the Wedding Cake at Your Reception has never been in question until recently. In the past, this ceremonious event always happened by first announcing to clear the dance floor as the wedding cake took center stage and all guests gathering around the newlyweds. From the appropriate timing, to when and how to best serve your cake, where to keep your cake, to gauging guests departure, this is a blog you must read when planning the timeline of events at your wedding reception.

Use All the Frosting, Not All Your Savings

10 Wedding Budget Tips: Your Wedding Cake is just part of your big day, remember you are the main focus. One thing is certain: the more lavish details, size and different fillings of your wedding cake, the more expensive your cake will be. To cut costs, it’s best to use the wedding venue’s included cake, because you will not have to pay delivery fees. Designing a wedding cake with fewer tiers is cost efficient. Opt for a butter cream filling. Stick with ruffles for icing design; piping designs take longer which results in a higher price tag. For more sweet money saving tips this blog is a must read.

The Best “Manly” Cake

Top Trends in Personalized Groom’s Cakes is where you can really have some fun. Be bold with a delicious artisan cake flavor that’s different from your wedding cake. This is where the bride can showcase her husband’s hobby, from sports to comics and cars. Groom’s cakes do not have to be in traditional cake form- they can include his specialty favorite dessert feature like brownies with a shot of milk, or even a station of liquor filled cupcakes.

Ultimately it’s your wedding cake and your taste buds, so envision your dream cake and eat it too!  Having our wedding planners that work with each couple to determine their sweet tooth, budget, wedding size and more; well, that’s just the icing on the cake.

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