Bridal Party Seating

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Bridal Party Seating
Where will you seat your bridal party members in your wedding ballroom? At our NJ event venues, we’re seeing a variety of bridal party seating options, including a return to yesteryear with a long table where the wedding couple sit with their bridal party members in one long row. This is a seating arrangement plan you might associate with weddings from long ago, making a comeback in wedding style, and creating wonderful opportunities for wedding photos.

To help you plan your bridal party seating at your wedding venue, here are some things to think about:

  • Seating your bridal party members at one long table with you, can create a picturesque lineup of your ladies on one side in their gorgeous bridesmaid dresses, and your dapper groomsmen on the other side in their suits and tuxedoes.
  • Seating your bridal party members at one long table with you can create an attractive arrangement of alternating bridesmaid and groomsmen ‘couples.’
  • You may also create a bridesmaid table and a separate groomsmen table, allowing you to sit at your own sweetheart table.
  • If your bridal party members are attending the wedding with guests, however, they will be more comfortable sitting at tables with their guests. You may opt to seat your bridal party members and their guests at one table or several, or you may place them with other guests, so that they may sit within their natural groups of friends, cousins, etc.
  • Have your bridesmaids place their bouquets on the table in front of them, to create a double-duty use and wedding budget idea, as lovely table décor.
  • Surprise your bridal party members with a little gift at their place setting, such as a wrapped frosted cookie with ‘Thank you!’ iced on it, or – a popular trend – scratch-off lottery tickets, perhaps ones with bigger jackpots than the ones placed at all guests’ place settings as their favors.
  • Surprise your bridal party members with a personally-written thank you note from you at their place settings.
  • Decorate the bridal party tables with special décor, adding even more beauty to your wedding ballroom. You might add a banner saying ‘bridal party’ to their long table, or place a marquee letter on their tablescape.

The top rule for seating bridal party members at your wedding is providing for their comfort and enjoyment. If your diverse group of friends don’t know each other very well, and if they will bring guests or spouses, it’s a better idea to let them sit with the people they know and enjoy best. You can always pose bridal party group photos in other ways on your wedding venue’s grounds, such as in wedding gardens, and not affected by the table where they sit.

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