Having An Outdoor Wedding During a Windy Day

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Windy WeddingsUnfortunately, the one thing you cannot control at your wedding is the weather. Unpleasant weather, like wind, can be irksome and anxiety-inducing. To prevent yourself from becoming a bundle-of-nerves on your wedding day, keep in mind these windy wedding day tips.

Be Prepared for Wind Ahead of Time

If planning an outdoor wedding, take into consideration all possibilities of inclement weather. Try to come up with possible exigency plans that will remedy situations should they come up, and plan your décor and wedding set-up around those scenarios.

For example, when it comes to planning ahead for your outdoor wedding, think about your decorations. If you plan to utilize flowers and vases for centerpieces, be sure to choose those with a low center of gravity. If you’re planning on using candles, consider using LED candles instead. While the wind may blow out a traditional candle, an LED version will stay lit for the entire wedding ceremony and reception.

Another great way to be prepared ahead of time is by organizing a secondary location. You can do so by contacting your wedding venue to talk about whether or not an indoor option exists. Thinking ahead and having a plan-B will alleviate the stress you’ll feel waking up to wind on your wedding day.

What to Do When the Wind Disturbs Your Wedding

If you do wake up on your wedding day to wind, you’ll want to reconsider a few things. For starters, you’ll want to think about your hair and makeup. Choose a hairstyle that will be enhanced by the wind! This could be mean loose up-dos, or even wearing your hair down; anything that has movement will work well with the wind. When it comes to your hair, be sure to keep extra bobby pins and clear elastics on hand. In a pinch, they’ll work to fix any imperfections the wind may cause.

For makeup, steer clear of lip glosses. You don’t want your hair to stick to your lips when the wind begins blowing. Another great tip is to keep a pair of sunglasses on hand. Even if the sun’s not out, the sunglasses will keep the wind from tearing your eyes and ruining your mascara.

Stay Flexible When the Wind Comes

While you shouldn’t have to compromise on your big day, uncontrollable details, like the wind, make compromises inevitable. Be flexible with any changes that may occur: move your décor around, or weigh it down, and go inside if necessary.

If you were counting on having an organized table setting, you might end up needing to change it. You don’t want your tableware to blow around, and you won’t want to end up chasing it around trying to clean up. A great alternative is to place your tableware next to where the food will be served. Your guests can pick it up as they get their meals, and you can even dress it up with baskets or other decorative items. Another issue is seating cards: you can weigh these down, or, if necessary, you can have your seating chart written for someone to guide guests to their seats. In general, gather the necessary weights, which can be as simple as rocks or pebbles, and clips to keep things in place and prevent them from blowing away.

Further Considerations

Hopefully, if the wind is especially bad, you made those necessary contingency plans ahead of time. Now is the time to fall back on them. In this situation, a wedding planner would be especially useful to have. While going inside is not ideal, a wedding planner would be able to easily switch your wedding day up and ease any apprehensions you may have.

While the wind may be urgent and may cause you some additional stress, by planning ahead and being decisive and flexible when the time comes, your wedding day can still be fun and relatively care-free. For more help in planning your big day, contact Knowles Hospitality to get in touch with our expert wedding planners!

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