Tips for an Outdoor Wedding

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Outdoor Wedding TipsHosting an outdoor wedding radiates elegance and glamour. The breathtaking scenery and amazing atmosphere create a wonderful ambiance that an indoor wedding simply cannot capture. Just take a glance at any wedding album from an outdoor wedding, and you’ll smile with the abundance of beautiful scenery and backdrops. Advantages that come with an outdoor wedding surely surpass the challenges you may encounter when planning the sylvan extravaganza. While the snapshots from other outdoor weddings may appear picturesque, it is almost certain that the couple dealt with their fair share of wedding mishaps.

If you and your betrothed plan on hosting a magnificent outdoor wedding, be sure to consider the “gifts” from mother nature herself. You might have to deal with wind, rain, or other disturbances. Although an outdoor wedding may pose some challenges, with the right planning and preparation, you will feel prepared to host the most astonishing outdoor celebration.

  1. Keep an Updated Website

Creating a personal wedding website is a simple process that does not take too much time to do. Your wedding website will serve your guests with information and updates about your outdoor wedding. One way you can utilize this tool is to give tips for attire. For example, you may be hosting a part of your wedding on the grass. If so, suggest to your guests that they wear flats or something easy to navigate the grassy floors with. If the weather is looking a little chillier for the big day, post an update encouraging your guests to bring a shawl or wrap to keep warm.

  1. Work with Your Cameraman to Maximize Angles

An outdoor wedding provides the opportunity for some amazing photo ops. The beautiful natural scenery in conjunction with your decor will create a wonderfully picturesque setting. You’ll want to be sure to take advantage of the chance for amazing pictures and videos from your hired professional. Allow them to scope out the venue before the start of the celebration and let them know which scenery you would like to see in your photos. Whether you’re throwing up peace signs with friends or doing The First Look with your significant other, take advantage of the charming outdoor scenery that you set up for your outdoor wedding.

  1. Plan for Wind

One of the most common problems that couples run into during an outdoor wedding is too much wind. Unfortunately, it’s something that you just can’t control; but you can certainly plan to work with it. Avoid using light fabrics in your bridesmaids’ dresses, as well as tablecloths and other adorable fabric decors. Make sure your hairstylist knows that your wedding is outdoors so they can style your look accordingly. You might want to opt for an updo if the wind decides to kick and mess up your hair.

  1. Seek Shade

Especially in the blazing summer months, try to find a shaded area to host your celebration. Try to seek an outdoor wedding venue with a significant number of trees to provide plenty of shade to stay cool in the heat. Avoid sunburn and uncomfortable guests by choosing a cool area with plenty of tree shade or utilize canopies or tents to block that irritating sun. Don’t forget – too much sun will result in squinty eyes in all your beautiful wedding photos.

  1. Dress Accordingly

There’s a reason that so many bridal shops ask the brides what the venue is like. If you’re anticipating a fall or winter wedding, be sure to choose a dress with sleeves or a longer fit to stay warm. On the contrary, for a summer wedding, avoid long sleeves and go for shorter or sleeveless. Also, consider your bridesmaid’s dresses according to the outdoor wedding season. You’ll want yourself and everyone else to be comfortable in what they are wearing.

  1. Keep Nature’s Guests Away

A muggy weather statement means a buggy mess. A humidity-stricken day will attract pesky blood-sucking mosquitos and swarms of angry hornets, each carrying the possibility of ruining your big day. Try having a professional company come in before the big day and spray down the area for bugs and other unwanted pests. In addition, keep bug spray and bug repellent bracelets nearby for you and your guests. Check with your outdoor wedding venue to see if you can have a professional spray for bugs.

  1. Work with the Noise

When you imagine your perfect outdoor wedding, you probably didn’t consider that cacophony of noise that may come with it. Unfortunately, screaming kids, crashing waves, or loud birds may make it difficult for your guests to hear you proclaim, “I Do!” You can have clip microphones attached to your outfits to ensure all of your guests can hear you without issue. Work with your DJ to easily accommodate the use of microphones.

  1. Always Devise a Backup Plan

Nobody wants to anticipate the worst-case scenario, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. The ideal outdoor wedding venue also has an indoor option in the case of bad weather. Consider having tents as backup, but this will likely not serve you if there are heavy thunderstorms. The more rain, the worse the ground is going to be. A venue with an indoor location as well will quickly scoot your tables inside to save the day.

Plan, Plan, Plan for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding!

An outdoor wedding is beautiful, but it certainly comes with a plethora of possibilities for unwanted issues. While time-consuming, careful planning will eliminate stress and last-minute quick fixes. There are so many benefits to having an outdoor wedding: the scenery, atmosphere, and more. The Knowles family and their venues can flawlessly meet all your outdoor wedding needs. Leave it to our experts to prepare the perfect celebration for you and your loved ones. With proper organization and planning, your outdoor wedding will look like a snapshot taken from your dreams.

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