How To Spot A Wedding Crasher

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get dressed up and spend the night dancing eating and drinking with complete strangers-posing as just another wedding guest? The idea of showing up to a wedding uninvited became popular after the movie “Wedding Crashers”. Wedding crashing is the act of attending a wedding celebration without an invitation.

So what exactly do you do if you discover uninvited guests on your big day? While wedding crashing is more likely to occur in larger public venues like hotels and restaurants; these places allow anyone to enter, there are tips and tricks you can learn to spot a wedding crasher. The wedding planners at The Manor provide a crash course in spotting a wedding crash to ensure your wedding is only for you and yours invited guests to enjoy.

How Wedding Crashers Sneak Into Your Wedding

The timing of the wedding crasher’s entrance will determine if their success of getting away with the act. Wedding Crashers generally make their entrances at one of two ways: boldly jumping into the receiving line when people become distracted, or after the speeches at the reception, when the wedding becomes a party. Brides and Grooms should pay attention during these two events.

Wedding Crashers typically never sit down because they cannot fake the seating arrangements that the bride and groom carefully planned. So if the person you think may be a wedding crasher is sitting down, chances are they aren’t. True wedding crashers won’t sit down. When it’s time for dinner they will be in the bathroom or at the bar, anywhere but a table.

A common trick of wedding crashers employ involves dancing with an elderly guest, like your Grandmother. It’s likely that an elderly guest may have a bit of a foggy memory, so they will likely assume the wedding crasher is a family friend or distant relative. Dancing with your Grandmother gives the wedding crasher credibility that they belong there and makes them appear charming, despite their rather immature intentions.

The Personality Of A Wedding Crasher

The more guests a wedding crasher engages with the more their story changes. They adjust their story based on whom they are speaking with; this ensures their cover isn’t blown. For instance, if they talk to someone from the groom’s side, they’ll say they know the bride and vice versa. In addition, Wedding Crashers are masters of faking whom they know. They will always show up with an alibi such as graduating high school with the groom or creating a generic name. Wedding Crashers tend to also introduce themselves as a distant relative, such as a third or fourth cousin. Unless it is a large-scale wedding, most couples would not typically invite such extended family. If guests grow suspicious the wedding crasher may claim to have lived in a far away state or country.

Wedding Crashers rely on their charisma to make people feel like they know someone there. This tactic can be sneaky and effective because it makes the wedding guests believe they aren’t intruders. The only way to stop this is for the bride and groom to confront this wedding crasher together, thereby exposing the unwanted guest’s deceptive tricks.

Behavior Of A Wedding Crasher

A wedding crasher’s personality is usually over the top. In the movie, the wedding crasher befriends the groom, dances with the bride, and gives a rousing speech. If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you know that the guests you barely know do not actually act like that. So if someone does, this may be an indication of a wedding crasher.

Take note, the wedding crasher will avoid the wedding planner or venue personnel. Wedding crashers are aware that the wedding planner knows the guest list and also how to spot a wedding crasher.

Wedding Crashers are there for the party, so they usually don’t attend the wedding ceremony. To catch a wedding crasher in their lies, asking them about intimate ceremony details. You can also make something obscure up and say it happened at the ceremony. An actual guest will seem confused; but a wedding crasher will often go along with it, thinking they’ve outsmarted you.

Wedding Crashers come to the party for the drinking, eating, and dancing so chances are they will spend most of their time on the dance floor. Many Wedding Crashers will crash weddings regularly; so they are likely to pick up some dance moves and not be shy to show them off. In addition, Wedding Crashers are most likely to stand near the bar or buffet for extended periods to not seem suspect.

How To Outsmart Wedding Crashers

Couples can take some precautionary measure to prevent wedding crashers such as designating a lookout for anyone exhibiting common wedding crasher behaviors; stand near the bar or buffet for extended periods. Before approaching a suspect wedding crasher, make sure that the bride, groom, and both sets of parents do not recognize them. If that’s the case, ask the planner or venue manager to discreetly approach them and escort them out. Contact The Manor today to plan your wedding and talk to our expert wedding planners on how to prevent wedding crashers from potentially ruining your big day!

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