Renewing Vows

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By, Caitlyn Bradley, Director of Sales and Catering, Pleasantdale Château

Let’s hear it for commitment! We’re seeing more married couples in the New York metro area having ceremonies to renew wedding vows. What makes these ceremonies especially meaningful is that they’re completely voluntary. When a couple gets married, the wedding ceremony is practically a given, and all the attendant social obligations that go with it means the couple don’t always get to enjoy it quite as much as they might in a more relaxed ceremony. But when vows are renewed, there aren’t two families to please, or parents to appease. It’s a real display of deep and enduring love.

New rings engraved with a special saying are perfect to commemorate the renewal of wedding vows. An outside ceremony is often very fitting if you want the ceremony to be about rebirth. No need to be traditional with the wedding vows, either – you’ve done that once already. Instead, you can have your vows end with a poem that you find fitting, for example. For music you can use the song from your wedding or one that has meant something to you over the years. Renewing vows can be an intimate gathering with a simple lunch or brunch or a lavish formal affair.



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