Second look for The Wedding Reception

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Gown and Accessory Trends

Gown and Accessory Trends

Inspired by celebrity wedding trends, today’s brides wear not one wedding dress, but two or more, changing from a ceremony dress into a chic, stylish dress for the reception. At our wedding venue, we’ve seen brides wear cultural wedding dresses for the ceremony, then change into either a traditional wedding dress or shorter, sleeker dress for the reception.

Here are some additional 2nd-Looks for your wedding reception, garden wedding, or cocktail party wedding:

  • Go romantic and lacy with your first wedding dress, then change into a sparkly dress suitable for the nighttime reception lighting.
  • Wear a sleek, fitted wedding dress for the ceremony, then change into a dress that’s easier to dance in for the reception.
  • Wear a traditional white wedding dress for the ceremony, then change into a colorful dress for the reception.
  • Wear a traditional wedding headpiece and veil for the ceremony, then remove it and change into a tiara or jeweled hairclips for the reception
  • Wear flowers in your hair for your garden wedding ceremony, then switch to a sparkly tiara for your reception
  • Wear a traditional headpiece and veil for the ceremony, then switch into a lacy headband – a top wedding trend – for the reception.
  • Change your hairstyle, from an Up-Do to letting your hair down into a loose and curly style for the reception – or the other way around, as new wedding trends recommend
  • When you remove your headpiece and veil, you reveal your chignon, ponytail or curled hair as your budget wedding second look.
  • Add a colorful or sparkly belt or sash to your wedding dress for your second look.
  • Put on more dramatic, sparkly jewelry for the evening hours of your reception.
  • Switch from your white wedding shoes to colored or sparkly ones for your reception.
  • Wear one mother’s heirloom jewelry for the wedding ceremony, then change into the other mother’s heirloom jewelry for the reception…allowing you to get wedding photos in both treasured sets.
  • Change your makeup from daytime, garden wedding-appropriate softer shades to more dramatic, smoky eyes and darker lips for the reception.

Encourage your bridesmaids and the mothers to have a 2nd Look for the wedding reception as well, by adding belts or sashes to their dresses, removing their jackets or changing their hairstyles.

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