The Hottest Prom Dress Trends of 2022

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Prom dress trends 2022Prom season is rapidly approaching – which also means that prom dress shopping season is in full swing. But with so many gorgeous dresses and colors to choose from, where should you even start the search for the best prom look? As New Jersey’s leading elegant prom venue, Knowles Hospitality offers the inside scoop on the biggest dress trends dominating 2022. If you need inspiration or if you’re curious about what other high school seniors are wearing for the big night, keep on reading.

“Euphoria”-Style Glam

The Emmy award-winning HBO series “Euphoria” — created by Sam Levinson and starring Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, and other popular celebrities — quickly became an influence on current fashion trends. With its psychedelic, neon cinematography and over-the-top, abstract costuming, many prom dresses borrowed inspiration from the hit show in a chic way.

Many will opt for velvet, sequined, or cut-out dresses to unleash their inner edgy high-schooler, emulating the characters on the show. By embodying the eclectic style popularized by the ladies of the series, many students crave unconventional prom looks, such as shorter dresses or two pieces, to stay true to their personal uniqueness.

Olivia Rodrigo-Inspired Butterflies

Olivia Rodrigo, a 19-year-old multiple-time Grammy and Billboard award winner, is undeniably the pop star of Generation Z. Her early-2000s pop-punk, grunge style, and iconic butterfly imagery inspired many prom dresses to follow in her footsteps. Today, countless popular prom dresses will feature a bodice embroidered to look like a butterfly covering the chest.

Other celebrities, like Kylie Jenner and Dua Lipa, have also donned this fluttering look. To channel your inner pop star, try sporting a butterfly, either on your dress, or intertwined within your accessories, such as a butterfly clip (seen in Olivia’s Met Gala 2022 look) or butterfly-inspired jewelry.

Embrace the Glitter Obsession

This prom season, full-body glitter dresses are all the rage. Glitter can be subtle and quiet within the tulle of a dress, or dramatic, glamorous, and patterned throughout the dress to turn all heads towards you. No matter their preference, students can find the perfect amount of glimmer that suits their style. No matter the color or cut, a glitter dress will remain the focal point of any look and allow for simplicity and creative freedom when it comes to hair and accessories. Go for an iridescent, multi-color glitter, an elegant burgundy, or even a bright, adventurous orange – the glitter will pull the look together!

Unlimited Fun with Feathers

Branching out from the typical gown- or bodycon-style dresses that were popular in past years, many students are experimenting with feathers, either on the bodice or length of the dress. Most prom dresses go for a softer, wispy feather style to elevate the look to runway status. Whether it be small feathers on a short-sleeve style strap, a wrap-around feather neckline, or a full-fledged feather skirt, incorporating feathers into your dress creates a new, interesting look for this prom season.

Wear Your Prom Dress Confidently with Knowles Hospitality!

No matter what dress you end up choosing, Knowles Hospitality Group has two beautiful venues—The Manor and Pleasantdale—located in northern New Jersey, where you can show off your prom dress with grace and end high school with an unforgettable night. Knowles Hospitality offers the utmost sophistication and grandeur for any celebration or event, especially one as monumental as a high school prom. Walk into your event with the confidence that your prom dress will steal the show.

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