The Best Flowers for Fall Weddings

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Fall 2020 Wedding FlowersFor a fall-themed wedding, couples can enhance the wedding ceremony by featuring vibrant flower bouquets and creating positive ambiance at the altar. When thinking about fall, people usually envision a warm color palette, featuring different shades of red, orange, and yellow. These three colors pair so well with berry colors, such as purple and dark pink. Read on to find out the best selection of flowers for your fall wedding.

Bring Vibrancy to Your Special Day

Flowers that bloom throughout fall tend to have warm-toned hues like red, orange, and yellow. Some in-season vegetables, like pumpkins, have warmer tones. Some beautiful orange flowers that bloom in the fall include Asiatic Lilies, Dahlias, Marigolds, and Orange Gerbera. Meanwhile, some deep red flowers that bloom in the fall are Chrysanthemums, Roses, and Leucadendrons.

Along with the orange flowers, red flowers give harmonious depth to this combination of colors. These flower names aren’t always easy to remember, but the colors epitomize fall and can leave a warm, inviting atmosphere for wedding guests. A fall wedding is more common now as the weather is not too hot, humid or cold – making it so that the wedding party can enjoy their time for as long as they desire. In addition to these flowers, anyone can create a cordial ambiance among friends and family on their special day.

Don’t Forget About Other Flowers & Filler Stems

Warm-toned flowers may be symbolic of fall – but a bouquet isn’t complete without berry-toned flowers or delicate filler stems. These berry-toned flowers are popular in the fall: Purple Alstroemeria and Calla Lily. The Calla Lily has long, gentle petals that twist around each other. Moreover, the flower’s undeniable elegance will flow cohesively during any fall-themed wedding. Berry-toned flowers give more depth to a bouquet, and some even symbolize luck in future events. For instance, the Purple Alstroemeria comes in different colors and represents wealth, fortune, and prosperity, which is why so many couples choose to feature the flower in their fall wedding.

Filler stems add more texture and pops of color for various types of arrangements. The best filler stems are the ones that are neutral in color, like white or green, and can complement several different colors, just like the Limonium, Solidago, and Gypsophila. These flowers can enhance any bouquet and are available year-round – so it’s perfect for any fall-themed wedding!

Remember to Pick Flowers That Capture the Season’s Essence

Everything is almost ready! From the guest list to the dinner menu, everything will look more cohesive with vibrant fall flowers featured as centerpieces. As guests settle in, loved ones will feel a comforting feeling wash over them as they observe magnificent decorations featuring autumn flowers. The combination of bouquets and centerpieces unite to bring a pleasant ambiance to everyone.

These lively arrangements will pop in wedding pictures and videos and create a great memory for the entire party. All these flowers are flexible for any theme and any bride’s taste. From warm tones to berry-tones flowers, the combinations are endless and will create a glorious fantasy on any couple’s wedding day this fall. For more articles like this, follow our blog for all your essential wedding advice and needs. Make sure to call our wedding experts at (973) 731-2360 to help you create a fall fantasy wedding with verdant flowers.

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