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Fall Wedding BackdropsWhile exciting and meaningful, planning a fall wedding can become stressful as the special draws closer. From locking down an extravagant wedding venue to finalizing the complex seating chart, engaged couples want every small detail in their wedding to go off without a hitch.

A vital component in the multi-step wedding planning process involves choosing the right backdrop for the altar where the bride and groom will exchange vows. A beautiful fall-inspired backdrop can forge a once-in-a-lifetime moment between the bride and groom that dozens of videos and photos will capture forever. Through our unrivaled expertise, our wedding planners brainstormed some ideas that can help newly-engaged couples decide on the right backdrop for a fall wedding.

Try an Ombre Forest Look for Your Backdrop

Couples should search for a backdrop that embodies the season’s essence. This isn’t too complicated because engaged couples can draw inspiration from the beauties found in nature. A perfect way to elevate this backdrop involves picking real leaves, fallen acorns, and filler stems – like Solidago and Gypsophila – to make the colors on leaves pop. Get ready to witness a delightful mix of brown, deep red, vibrant orange, yellow, and a touch of green. These flowers bloom all year round, allowing couples to enjoy the beautiful, slender stems. These stems fit perfectly into an ombre forest backdrop, thereby emphasizing nature’s beauty.

A Minimalistic Approach to Fall Wedding Backdrops

Some engaged couples may opt for a minimalist approach, a style of accentuating space and simplicity, to their wedding backdrops This style will capture any wedding guest’s attention. Therefore, a minimal, neutral-toned backdrop will make the wedding couple the center of attention.

For example, try using a plain off-white sheet as a background, and then assemble a few simple arrangements filled with filler stems. This creates a simple and inviting background, so it can gear focus on the couple’s wedding day while still looking beautiful.

Minimalistic arrangements keep gaining more popularity because this design doesn’t require a lot of effort to use a neutral-toned color palette and floral arrangements. No matter which floral arrangement you favor, we recommend you consider these colors early during the planning process: white, black, brown, tan, olive, navy, and taupe. These hues are a trusted and preferred choice for a fall wedding backdrop.

Let’s Focus on the Arches

Arches are another popular choice for wedding backdrops because they’re simple enough to still command guests’ attention. Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor wedding, it’s a great idea to help emphasize an arch with lighting or garlands, such as maple leaf or lily garlands. For example, try adding mini lantern lights that cascade down onto the arch and will reflect around the groom and bride. This will produce great lighting for photos and create a special moment for the couple. This touch of light can illuminate the atmosphere and reflect light onto any flowers and plants that will cover the arch.

Stunning Backdrops: An Essential for Fall Weddings

Backdrops are a small detail in the wedding planning process, but they’re actually an essential aspect of creating a special moment for an extra special day. This decision is important as it’s the guests’ first impression of the wedding ceremony. There are various ways to create a backdrop that can make a wedding look more beautiful; as mentioned earlier, a neutral-toned backdrop works perfectly for any wedding as it’s minimalistic. However, don’t be afraid to try patterns or textures, as it depends on how eccentric a couple would like to look. One thing that shouldn’t be missing from any backdrop is a floral arrangement. Whether there are a few arrangements or an entire archway, this will create a bright and delightful ambiance for the bride and groom to pose for photos. More importantly, the breathtaking décor will create a refreshing moment to elevate the ceremony.

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