The Top Wedding Flowers of 2021

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Best Wedding Flowers 2021Flowers are a piece of art! Using them throughout your wedding décor is an excellent way to add colors, textures, and vibrancy to your day. The combination of flowers and foliage can create a floral design that emphasizes the romantic vibe your wedding ceremony will have. When it comes to choosing flowers for your big day, consider these 2021 trends.

Timeless Wedding Flowers

When it comes to floral wedding arrangements, there are some tried-and-true favorites. These timeless wedding flowers will definitely remain popular throughout 2021.

Long considered a symbol of beauty and love, roses make for a great option for your wedding day. As a metaphor for passion and true love, it’s available in a variety of hues and can create a timeless look in your wedding. The three most popular varieties of roses for wedding flowers are hybrid tea roses, spray roses, and garden roses.

Peonies make for another timeless wedding flower. With a strong perfume and bright color, you can create a beautiful bouquet with peonies on their own; however, you can also combine the peony with other flowers to create beautiful centerpieces and arrangements.

White and Neutral Wedding Flowers

Incorporating white and neutral colors into your floral wedding arrangements is a classic trend that will continue into 2021. The color white represents balance and peace, and by including other earthy, natural tones, you can have a bouquet, centerpiece, or other arrangements full of calming colors.

Used in Kate Middleton’s royal wedding bouquet in 2011, the lily of the valley is a tiny bell-shaped floret that dangles from a thin stem. Its classic white variety gives off a perfumed scent and can be linked to the Norse goddess of springtime, Ostara, giving it the ideal vernal look.

For a more traditional bouquet, choose the dainty white stephanotis. Its florets are star-shaped and waxy and grow on a vine, meaning that each vine must be individually placed in an arrangement. Mildly scented, the stephanotis’s Victorian meaning is “marital happiness,” making it the perfect choice for a wedding.

Statement Wedding Flowers

If a classic white bouquet is not your thing, consider a statement bouquet, arrangement, or even backdrop. One wedding flower that is bound to make a statement is the dahlia. A large dahlia bloom in the center of your floral arrangement will draw your eye in with its round, pointed petals.

You can also make a statement at your wedding by including flowers with bright hues, like anemones, ranunculus, or orchids in your arrangements.

Dried Flowers and Greenery

For a more unique option, you can choose to incorporate dried flowers and other greenery into your wedding day. The unique colors and textures of dried flowers will not only give your wedding a one-of-a-kind look but will also allow you to keep your wedding décor for years to come. Dried lavender, baby’s breath, and eucalyptus are three great choices for this 2021 trend.

For another distinctive alternative, you can use living plants, like succulents, throughout your wedding. Whether you choose cactus centerpieces or choose to utilize vines throughout your wedding décor, you’ll be able to treasure their beauty and use them again after your wedding, making them a very sustainable option.

A Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers for Your Wedding

No matter what 2021 floral trend you decide to follow on your wedding day, your flowers will definitely prove to be a conversation-starter. For help finding the right wedding flower fit for you, contact Knowles Hospitality today.

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