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Virtual Bachelorette PartiesThe pandemic has forced us to find creative ways to celebrate social events while social distancing. With friends and family scattered all over the world, it may seem difficult to safely celebrate life’s most important moments. Many brides look forward to throwing an epic bachelorette party with their closest friends and family. Even though you cannot gather in person, you can still host an unforgettable night virtually. These awesome virtual bachelorette party ideas will get any crowd talking about your party long after it ends.

Adult Party Games, But Virtually

Never Have I Ever, The Newlywed Game, Cards Against Humanity, Truth or Dare – there are dozens of wedding-themed party games to enjoy. Just because you are on Zoom does not make these any less fun because they only require your wit and some creativity. Party games help break the ice and give your party some purpose in between makeovers and bringing rom-coms. Turn it into a drinking game and everyone will be cracking up in no time.

Pajamas & Goodie Bags

“I don’t want to wear matching pajamas,” said no one ever. Sporting a comfy pair of matching pajamas is a great way to kick off your party. While everyone is at home, send a gift box with snacks, some booze, and other small bachelorette-themed party favors. This will get everyone in the mood to party and make it feel as if you are sitting in the same room. Turn it into a pajama fashion show and see who can strut down the runway better. After all, drinking wine in pajamas is a sure-fire way to a successful night.

PowerPoint Competitions

Try adding some friendly competition to your night. Have guests prepare a short PowerPoint deck detailing their favorite memories with the bride or groom. This will encourage your guests to share hilarious stories and embarrassing moments that will surely spark heartfelt conversations. Be sure to include photo and video evidence during your trip down memory lane. This is a great way to engage each member of your wedding party and allow them to get to know one another before your big day.

Host a Netflix Watch Party

For a laidback crowd, grab some popcorn, comfy blankets, and enjoy a movie marathon. Multiple web browser extensions (MetaStream, Scener, TwoSeven) on Chrome or Safari will allow everyone to watch a movie simultaneously with live video and a box. It’ll make you feel like you’re in a theater, except you can make noise and hilariously inappropriate jokes without shame. Movies like Bridesmaids, Girl’s Trip, Wine Country, Bride Wars, or My Big Fat Greek Wedding will hype everyone up for your wedding.

Virtual Karaoke & Dance Party

A bachelorette party is not complete without blasting a throwback playlist and some dancing. Do you wish you were dancing at the club? Host a karaoke night where your guests can perform all their favorite songs. This will get everyone dancing in the middle of their living room in their matching pajama sets. Time to move the furniture to the side of the room to make an open dance floor for all your best moves.

Use Virtual Platforms to Your Advantage

Just because you cannot physically spend time together does not mean the fun has to stop. Hosting virtual events allow absent long-distance family and friends to join the festivities. These virtual bachelorette party ideas are a great place to start, and the options are limitless. Are you looking for more ways to make all your wedding events unforgettable? Knowles Hospitality can help! Contact our expert wedding planners today to make your wedding everything you dreamed it could be.

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