Wedding music: DJ, Band, or iPod?

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By Paul Keenan, Banquet Manager, Highlawn Pavilion

A band, a DJ, or an iPod? You’ve got a lot of options in choosing the musical entertainment for your wedding reception. In terms of protocol or etiquette, there is no right or wrong choice. However, some rooms or locations are better suited acoustically or logistically for DJs, and some for Bands. There are other factors to consider as well in choosing the musical entertainment:

DJs, on the average, are slightly less expensive than bands simply because of the number of performing individuals in a band vs. the single DJ. Another plus: DJs are far more willing to customize your song selection than ever before. And they’ll honor your “do not play” list no matter how many times your Aunt Edna wants to request the Electric Slide.

Live music can add a real kick to your reception. Remember though, the more people in the band, the more money the band usually charges. And don’t forget – you pay for their meals. If possible, be sure to see the bands performing in person (either at a friend’s wedding or at a bridal expo) before hiring one, so you have a real sense of their sound and style.

The iPod is arguably the most contemporary and lowest cost option, but it is not a good one unless you have an incredible sound system to plug it into and someone willing to make sure it doesn’t run out of batteries. Anyone who has an iPod knows what I’m talking about!

With a little forethought, your musical entertainment choice will be one of the high notes of your reception.

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