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thoughtful-wedding-giftsAs a wedding attendee, bringing a wedding gift is essential but not every gift holds equal weight. The bride and groom can create registries at different stores for their guests to pick from; some guests, however, may want to gift something more personal and meaningful than a new set of plates or knives. Keep reading for Knowles Hospitality’s recently curated list of thoughtful wedding gifts that the bride and groom-to-be will cherish for decades to come.

Wedding Memory Boxes

Weddings hold so much meaning, from the planning process to the moment when the bride walks down the aisle. For this reason, couples need a special place to store small memories like invitations, flowers, or pictures. More importantly, a personalized wedding memory box can help the couple keep these special items in one place, which they can look back on during milestones like anniversaries.

Even better, the wedding memory box is 100% customizable. Meaningful customizations, for instance, might include engraving the initials or names of the newlyweds. Alternatively, guests can engrave a quote that the couple holds near and dear to their hearts. Lastly, you could even customize the color of the box to match the overall wedding aesthetic.

A Page in a Recipe Book

A recipe book from all the guests at a wedding can make a meaningful gift. Although a special activity often shared by newlyweds is cooking together, finding the right recipe isn’t always easy. That’s where this gift concept can come in handy.

To make this idea a reality, the bride and groom will need to let each guest know to bring their favorite recipe to the wedding. The invitations can come with an extra paper to write this recipe or an online portal to submit it. After the wedding, the couple will have a whole book of tested favorite recipes from their guests, which they can cook during their new lives as husband and wife.

Try Gifting Experiences & Adventures

A wedding ceremony lasts one day but a marriage is forever; so why not give a gift that can help the couple connect? Rather than gifting new towels, an experience will help the bride and groom discover new passions together.

The experiences may range from activities like massages and cooking classes, ziplining and white-water rafting. These activities encourage the newlyweds to carve out time for special date nights and form lasting memories together. Need some inspiration for a truly unique experience? Turn your attention to the web! has a wonderful list to reference in exploring these thoughtful and unique date gift ideas.

Curate Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are gifts that keep on giving. There are many varieties to choose from based on the newlyweds’ interests. A subscription box can arrive in the mail every month or every other month, and the gift giver can choose a box that resonates with the newlyweds. For example, a wine box or a whiskey box for any couple who enjoys a delicious drink with their meals. Since Subscription boxes are not one-time gifts, the newlyweds can continue to enjoy thoughtful contributions from their guests that will last far after the wedding day.

Give Yourself the Gift of Knowles

Knowles Hospitality suggests these creative gift ideas to help the newlyweds always remember their wedding day for life. To plan your most memorable wedding, recruit help from our team of expert wedding planners, proudly boasting over 60 years of experience. Contact Knowles Hospitality at (973) 731-2360 to start organizing your special day!

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