The Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Beautiful Wedding Pictures

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For many engaged couples, posing for professional pictures is probably a fresh experience. Hiring a reputable wedding photographer can stress anyone out, especially when you and your fiancé want to document every itty bitty detail in this major milestone. As a couple searching for the right photographer, you want to make sure you know the tips and tricks for flawlessly shooting exquisite wedding photos

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Do: Capture Each Moment Throughout the Wedding

When it comes to taking wedding pictures, make sure to shoot every tiny fleeting moment. Timing is everything and your photographer’s full attention must be present. The professional photographer needs to react and angle the camera at any moment.

If you want your wedding photographer to feel comfortable, you can supply the team with a program that outlines the day. This will give the photo expert a chance to study, as well as make notes on where to point the camera. Certainly, make sure you explain specific shots that you and your fiancé want.

Don’t: Hire a Photographer Based on Personality

Next, don’t foolishly hire someone because he or she charmed you with a great personality. You and your fiancé want to look closely at each possible photographer’s portfolio to get a better idea of the types of pictures they specialize in. Next, consider how you both want these momentous photos to look and if the photographer has the capability to snag these shots.

Do you want pictures that are dark and moody? What about a more photojournalistic or fine art approach? These are some questions to consider before you visit the photographer for an initial consultation.

Remember, your photographer does not need to be your best friend. Even though they will trail you all day, the photographer normally acts as a fly on the wall. Ultimately, whomever you hire should have the skills and tools to back up their reputation.

Do: Use Flash Photography on Occasion

Believe it or not, natural light will do wonders for your photos. Thus, make sure to use flash occasionally because it adds more dimension to the photo. However, you and your fiancé should not feel like the paparazzi keep bombarding you throughout the day. Flash only becomes necessary when taking pictures in a darker area. Your wedding photographer should have the proper settings on the camera to accommodate any lighting.

Some examples of when your professional photographer needs to use flash are when the lights dim during the dance party if the overhead lighting at your wedding venue is creating a bunch of shadows, and when the photographer decides to reduce any form of distractions and focus on certain guests.

Here’s a list of different types of flash that your professional photographer can use throughout this memorable day.

  • On Camera or Bounce Flash is mounted onto the camera, like how our smartphone cameras are built. However, this type of flash gives off a softer look and proper direction. Some photo experts also use the phrase “Bounce Flash” because it bounces off the wall or ceiling. Wedding photographers use this technique to soften the light directed at the focal point.
  • Off-Camera Flash gives your photographer more control by harnessing an interesting type of light. This type of flash isn’t mounted on the camera but occurs from a light stand. Try to think way back to when you lined up for school picture day. Remember how the flash happened next to the photographer’s camera? Well, the same concept applies here.
  • Backlighting is when the primary light appears behind the couple. The photographer creates a rim around you and your fiancé by placing the flash in the background. Backlighting will work as a dramatic effect by separating you and your fiancé from the background, sometimes creating a silhouette.
  • Shutter Drag creates a fun, ambient light that works at its best when around a constant light source, such as twinkling lights. Some photographers use the term ‘Long Exposure’ because a slower shutter speed films moving objects and brings exposure to darker scenes.

Overall, the professional photographer you hire should use expert judgment when using flash and specific techniques to deliver the best stills.

Don’t: Create a Shot List

Next, make sure you don’t create an extremely detailed shot list. A shot list refers to a checklist of pictures that you and your partner want the photographer to take on the big day. What your photographer needs to focus on is getting happy moments. However, do not let the snapshot list take over your professional photographer’s creativity. Certainly, communicate with your wedding photographer to confirm the list isn’t too overwhelming.

Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Photos

These are the dos and don’ts of taking beautiful wedding pictures. As the engaged couple, you will be taking pictures in front of a professional photographer for the first time. Make sure to photograph each moment throughout your wedding day. Although don’t hire a shy wedding photographer when trying to get certain pictures during the ceremony. Next, they should use flash photography on occasion.

Also, the professional photographer should not make you and your fiancé feel like the paparazzi are following them. If you hand the wedding photographer a shot list, make sure it isn’t extremely detailed. Too many fine details can take away the photographer’s creativity. Also, make sure your photographer uses natural light. It will give more authentic pictures. By following these dos and don’ts, you and your fiancé can have beautiful wedding pictures. Dial (973) 731-2360 to speak with one of our wedding experts about wedding photographers.

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