Wedding Photography: Capturing the Location

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As you’re researching or working with your New Jersey wedding photographer, your wedding photography focus is likely on the different photography styles – photojournalism, candid, and so on – and how they would deliver the most important images of your day. As you explore the websites and portfolios of professional wedding photographers, look within their galleries for location images, those detailed shots of the wedding venue and wedding gardens, the banquet hall’s architectural details…photos that convey a sense of place.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

You’ve chosen your wedding location for its beauty and breathtaking details, and on your wedding day, with wedding décor further enhancing the natural beauty of this wedding locale, your photographer can capture the stunning details that set the scene for your dream wedding.

Here are some of the most popular details that wedding photographers encourage you to add to your requested-shot list for your photographer’s use:

  • Photos of the entryway, featuring the elegant, inviting design of the doorway itself, elaborate floral arrangements at the entrance, servers standing with trays of champagne or mimosas, and so on.
  • Your ceremony site, fully decorated, before any guests arrive – a ‘ceremony setting before it all begins’ wedding location photo.
  • Your reception ballroom, fully decorated, before any guests arrive, the same ‘setting before it all begins’ photo as above.
  • An elevated view of your reception banquet room, such as from our balcony, providing for a sweeping, panoramic photo of the decorated, guest-free ballroom…and then other photos from the same perspective later on, when guests are dining and then dancing.
  • Photos of the room’s architectural elements, such as our cathedral ceiling, arches, chandeliers and other design accents of your setting.
  • The bridal suite, decorated, free of guests.
  • Water features throughout the wedding site and wedding gardens, including a reflecting pool, ponds, reflections of the gardens on the lake’s waters. Your photographer may suggest photos of you both at the ornate fountain in addition to extreme close-ups of the water bubbling from the fountain itself. The goal is to pair the two photos in a frame or album, for a lovely effect.
  • Panoramic shots of the wedding garden grounds, from the front of the property and across the lawns, especially if the trees are in bloom or in full autumn leaf-changing color.
  • Close-ups of your wedding location’s trees in bloom.
  • Close-ups of the wedding reception hall’s sign.
  • Close-ups of the food displays within the wedding cocktail party menu, capturing images of the banquet chef’s artful presentations of gourmet cuisine.
  • Lighting effects, such as your names or designs projected onto the dance floor using special-effect gobo lights.
  • Evening photos of the grounds and fountains lit up for decorative effect.

An experienced NJ wedding photographer knows best how to capture these wedding location photos and wedding detail photo, in extreme close-up or panoramic vistas, with masterful use of lighting and special effects in his or her editing session.

During your wedding celebration, you’ll likely be dancing, dining, celebrating with friends, in a blissful whirlwind, and you may miss the entryway décor or the presentation of the gourmet wedding menu at the cocktail party. So having these photos perfectly capturing the beauty of your wedding’s scenery, down to the finest décor detail, is priceless.

Michael Mahle, Director of Communications, Pleasantdale Château

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