Wedding Entertainment: Line Dances

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Some wedding couples feel that traditional line dances are too cliché for their wedding entertainment, that line dances don’t fit in with their elegant wedding setting, and they may request that their wedding entertainers eliminate all line dances from their reception playlist. However, the line dance is making a comeback in wedding reception entertainment here in the New Jersey region, as it is across the country.

Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment

• Here are the top trends in wedding reception line dances:

• Guests know the steps and moves to the most well-known line dances, and they may feel more confident on the dance floor doing these dances than they do dancing to club music or other ‘free-form’ music.

• Guests love to rush to the dance floor in groups, to do line dances together.

• Kids enjoy line dances tremendously, since they perform them at minor league ballparks such as our nearby popular ballparks in Newark, Bridgewater, Lakewood, Atlantic City, Montclair and also at professional baseball games. When the stadium deejay plays the “Cha Cha Slide” or “Cotton-Eyed Joe,” the kids rush to the aisles to perform the dances, and adults join in as well. The same group thrill can fill your dance floor and give your wedding videographer fabulous footage as guests have a fantastic time showing off their line dance expertise.

• Country line dances may be well-known to your group, especially if you enjoy line dancing nights at your favorite country-western bar in the tri-state area.

• A new trend in wedding entertainment is to include a number of retro line dances such as the Bus Stop and the Hustle…dances that your guests in their 50s and 60s know well, and are happy to perform as a fun-loving group on the dance floor.

A great line dance is a pleasing surprise in wedding entertainment, not a dance floor-clearing loss of your reception’s momentum. So be sure to think about recent friend and family weddings and how line dances were received by your same guests, and if your personal wedding website features a polling tool, ask your guests to cast their votes – line dances or no line dances – to help you decide if you’ll include the wedding reception trend or if you’ll give your wedding deejay or wedding band the ‘do not play’ directive for line dances at your reception.

Michael Mahle, Director of Communications, Pleasantdale Château

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