Wedding Trends Forecast for 2022

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2022 wedding trendsSome traditions never go out of style. Brides still wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” But over the years, we see exciting new trends in fashion, entertainment, interests, and wedding photography emerge. 2022 is nearly here, which means that wedding planning for the upcoming year is already in full swing.

Whether you’ve postponed your celebration due to COVID or you’re newly engaged, it’s time to celebrate this year in style. As the wedding industry continues to adapt to ongoing changes, here’s what to look forward to at next year’s ceremonies and receptions.

1) Exciting Wedding Palettes

The right blend of shades will just feel right to you. When your floral designer or wedding coordinator adds one extra shade to your chosen trio of colors, the entire palette often springs even more to life.

  • Champagne & Traditional Neutral Colors: The classic neutrals fit anywhere from an elegant outdoor garden wedding to a laid-back beach wedding.
  • Powder Blue: Celebrate powder blue in your wedding colors through details like bouquet ribbons, shoes, flowers (delphinium and hydrangeas, for starters), or even a pop of blue eyeshadow.
  • Different Green Hues: In the past, green is only frequently used in floral arrangements and bouquets, but now we are seeing more and more green hues. Some popular shades we’ve noticed include emerald, mint, olive, pistachio, and juniper.
  • Mustard Yellow: Velvety mustard kept popping up in 2021, and it’s here to stay! Consider pairing this earthy tone with earthy green shades.
  • Watermelon, Pink, Bright Yellow & White: These four shades pop with a sense of candy, adding a vibrance that can be reflected in your signature wedding drink, among other wedding details.
  • Turquoise, Light Blue, Light Pink & Bright Pink: The ocean shade of turquoise creates a magical ambiance for your wedding, especially if you choose ombre shades.

There are very few limitations when it comes to your wedding color palette choices. So, dare to be different when it comes to choosing your wedding palette.

2) Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

When your wedding venue has gorgeous wedding gardens and lush landscaping, you’ll likely plan all or part of your wedding to make the most of a beautiful outdoor wedding setting. Then you can use florals and greenery to style a garden-like scene in your wedding ballroom as well as throughout your entire wedding venue. This trend includes such lovely floral touches as using potted trees, green garlands, cascading floral branches, and other effects, with florals in your choice of all-white, pastels for an English countryside effect or vibrant bright blooms for a dramatic feel.

3) Multiple Maids of Honor

The role of maid of honor is a sizeable one, with many assisting tasks, shopping trips, online searches, planning a bridal shower, and perhaps a bachelorette party too! It’s often best to hand this role to two maids of honor, dividing the time-consuming responsibilities among them. Each spends half the time, tackles half the To-Do list, spends half the money, and the bride experiences the relief of knowing her wedding tasks are in good hands.

4) Heirloom Wedding Rings

With so many gorgeous wedding ring designs out there, you’ll need to explore a wide range of rings to find the one that suits your wish: romantic, classic, modern, or an artsy ring. But more couples now choose to honor their ancestors by exchanging inherited wedding wings.

Sure, a brand-new ring is beautiful, but priceless family heirlooms hold great sentimental value. These rings may be worn as-is, with just a fitting to help it fit perfectly, or they may be re-modeled, such as adding new diamonds, gemstones, or switching out the ring setting.

5) Multiple Wedding Cakes

Why stop with just one cake flavor when you can have two—or more? In place of one tall wedding cake, you may create a wedding cake display consisting of multiple coordinating wedding cakes set on a grand cake table surrounded by mini cakes, sweets, and florals. If you don’t want to limit yourself to just one flavor, you can plan a cake bar with different fillings. This creates a cake buffet look, impressive to guests while letting you offer multiple cake flavors if you wish.

6) Creative Family Wedding Photo Displays

Those priceless photos from relatives’ weddings, or photos of the bride and groom during their dating years, used to be displayed on a table at the reception entrance, and now their presentation is getting a style makeover. They might be hung on a wall (perhaps a floral-covered wall) with a flat-screen television playing video of the wedding couple or placed on a grand piano in the cocktail hour room.

New Wedding Trends to Consider in 2022

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