What to Wear to Your Dinner Rehearsal?

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The dinner rehearsal marks the start of your wedding festivities.  You’ve taken the time to find the perfect wedding dress and now the pressure is on to figure out what you’ll be wearing to your first official wedding activity. Finding the right dress for your dinner rehearsal will be a lot harder than the search for your wedding dress. Your dinner rehearsal look can’t outshine the wedding dress but also needs to set the tone for the looks you have prepared for your wedding weekend.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for the right dress for you.

The Rehearsal Dinner Dress Code

First and foremost, the number one thing to keep in mind is the dress code for the dinner rehearsal.  Is it black tie or did you opt for semi-formal attire?  Are you following the theme of your wedding?  Considering these questions will easily narrow your down your choices so you don’t have to be overwhelmed with all the dress choices you have at hand.  If you choose formal attire for your rehearsal dinner, opt for a long dress that follows your natural silhouette.  Going for a semi-formal dress code?  A midi-dress with an off-shoulder detail can also add that touch of elegance.

A Reflection of Your Unique Style

Just like your wedding dress, make sure that your rehearsal dinner dress is a reflection of your personal style.  This isn’t the time to experiment with your look; you might regret it later on when you look back at your wedding.  If you have a simple and minimalistic style, try sticking to a dress that has those qualities as well.  A long off-white silk dress that drapes over your body may feel more comfortable than a dress with extravagant detailing.  If you like to experiment and have fun with your looks, a neutral velvet dress is trendy but also classy and won’t take away shine from the looks you have ahead of you.

Choosing The Right Color

There isn’t a written rule on what color to wear to your dinner rehearsal.  Unlike the tradition of a white wedding dress, there’s more leeway in choosing what color to wear to your other wedding festivities.  If you crave a more classic look, then white, crème and other blush tones would be perfect.  These tones are timeless and classic, a perfect choice for those who aren’t keen on experimenting with color.  For those who are comfortable with different styles, a beautiful floral pattern or a cotton lace fabric is an excellent choice.  A floral pattern of your choosing, no matter what it is, will look fun and flirty which is perfect for semi-formal attire.  A cotton-lace fabric is ideal for those summer rehearsal dinners that effortlessly follow the aesthetic of the warm, sunny days.

Coordinating Colors With Your Partner

Color coordinating with your partner is not cheesy!  This is a great time to incorporate a subtle hint of partnership into your wedding festivities.  It’s an effortless way to embrace the idea of commitment between you and your partner in front of your close friends and family.  If your soon-to-be husband is wearing a navy-blue tie with navy blue slacks and a white dress shirt, why not go for a long navy-blue gown to match.  Not only will it look beautiful in photos, but you’ll also find yourself reminiscing about the flawless color coordination. You and your partner are hours away from officiating your commitment to one another; why not look like a team together the night before?

Don’t Overthink It

Most importantly, do not overthink your look for your rehearsal dinner.  You will know which is the right dress when you find it, the same way you find a wedding a dress.  You simply just know that it is the right one.  Looking for the dress to set the tone of your wedding weekend looks may not be easy but surely isn’t worth losing sleep.  Remember to wear something you’re comfortable in, a dress that will make you feel beautiful at one of the most magical occasions of your life.  Don’t allow others to influence your decision too much because this time is for you and your partner so always make decisions that feel right with you!

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