Wow-Factor Wedding Dress Trends in 2023

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Are you planning your 2023 or 2024 wedding and hoping to find a wow-factor wedding dress? Wedding dress designers brought out unique aspects to their 2023 wedding dress collection, making them bolder than ever. Brides want 3D flowers, bold colors, bow accents, sheer aspects, capes instead of the traditional veil, and mini dresses to keep their guests on their toes throughout the day.

For this very purpose, the wedding experts at Knowles Hospitality have curated a list of wow-factor wedding dress trends to keep an eye on in 2023.

Wedding Dresses with 3D Flowers

This year, we’ve seen a lot of focus on the details and making them as visible as possible. If you’re the type of bride who wants to make a statement, 3D flowers on your dress are for you! 3D floral details add a whimsical element to your wedding dress and are sure to stand out. Intricately designed flower petals that cascade down the bodice of the dress and spread to the train are pieces of artwork.

Also, some designers place these 3D flowers on the top part of the dress, making sure guests and the bride’s partner notice the design. Take a bold approach with intricate floral details throughout your wedding dress.

Bring Bold Colors to Wedding Dresses

Nowadays, brides are starting to steer clear from a traditional white wedding dress and swapping it for a dress with a bit of color. Whether it’s a bold red or black dress or you go for a softer color like pastel blue or pink, it’s easy to show off your personality with a non-traditional dress. Many designers have opted to design wedding dresses in a different color or add colored appliqués to a white dress to add a little bit of color. Shock your guests as you walk down the aisle in a bold or pastel colored wedding dress.

Wedding Dresses Featuring Bow Accents

Do you want drama on your wedding dress, but don’t like the look of large tule skirts or an abundance of beading? Bows are a great way to add drama without having to get a huge ballgown skirt. Wedding dress designers place bows anywhere on the dress. For example, bows sit on the back, on the front, or on both straps, range in sizes as well as have a detachable option. Get the drama you’re craving with a bow accent on your wedding dress!

Steal the Spotlight in a Sheer Wedding Dress

Transparent, or sheer, wedding dresses are also heading down the aisle in 2023. For the daring bride, sheer dresses are great for the reception because of the transparent aspect. These sheer wedding dresses typically go with an over skirt or have a slip underneath to give the dress a more traditional look.

However, if you’re not comfortable enough to wear this type of wedding dress on your wedding day, it can work as a rehearsal dinner outfit. Lace is a popular choice for these transparent wedding dresses because it adds a formal element.

Feel Like Royalty in a Wedding Dress with a Dramatic Cape

Complete your wedding day look with a stylish twist: with a cape! Adding a cape is a budget friendly way to enjoy two different looks on your wedding day. By finding a semi-transparent cape, you’re still showing off the back design on your dress while getting that veil visual. Recently, brides have been opting for capes rather than a veil to give their dress a sculptural effect. Capes can also have embellishments on them to match your wedding dress.

Mini Dresses – A Unique Approach to Wedding Dresses

For the past couple of years, mini dresses are bombarding the bridal industry. Purchasing a mini dress is great for a party dress, but they’re now being worn for ceremonies as well. In 2023, mini dresses are available in different lengths such as chic shorts, tea length, mid length, ankle, and high-low. These short length wedding dresses are also great for showing off your shoes and additional accessories!

Pick Out Your Wow-Factor Wedding Dress!

This year’s wedding dress trends emphasize the wow-factor element! No matter the accent you fall in love with, you will look stunning on your wedding day. Say “I Do!” in style by hopping on these awe-inspiring wedding dress trends!

Knowles Hospitality, a premiere wedding venue located in Northern New Jersey, has hosted numerous weddings for six decades! Our expert wedding planning team is ready to make your wedding day as wow-factor as your dress. To speak with an expert team member, call (973) 732-2360 today.

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