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Boho WeddingsWe recently noticed many engaged couples ask about Bohemian weddings. This surge in popularity isn’t surprising because couples enjoy Bohemian weddings for the free-spirited essence through clean color schemes, unique patterns, and lace details. Bohemian designs often mirror elements of nature by embodying an earthy and organic feel. But the true hallmark of the Bohemian style lies in the variety of textiles and layering of different fabrics, which blend seamlessly to create a warm and inviting environment. Nonetheless, planning a Bohemian wedding requires a meticulous eye for detail forged from decades of experience.

The wedding experts at Knowles Hospitality know how to make your attire, ceremony space, and reception décor reflect the Bohemian style you crave. It may require patience and careful planning, but every bride can have her dream wedding by following these bohemian wedding ideas.

The Bohemian Wedding Look

Bohemian fashion is all about unforced elegance. Making your wedding day attire look effortless yet perfect isn’t always an easy task, especially when you want everything to look and feel just right. Here are bohemian-inspired wedding dress and hair inspirations that can make finding the perfect look feel easy.

The Perfect Bohemian Wedding Dress

Think lace, distinct patterns, and different textures. Bohemian dresses read as casual or glamorous, depending on the atmosphere of your wedding. An extravagant Bohemian look means intricate beading or lace designs. Meanwhile, a casual boho look can take the form of a slip dress or simply flowy gown.

But the true beauty of bohemian dresses often lies in the uniqueness of the sleeve. Whether that means a floral bell sleeve, a beaded flutter sleeve, or an elegant tie strap, Bohemian attributes truly shine in the sleeve.

Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles

When planning Bohemian wedding hairstyles, we typically see beautiful brides with beachy waves or loose curls. If you’re looking to keep your hair away from your face, consider styling a loose side braid or low-pinned up-do. Regardless of your choice, remember that bohemian hair should always look effortlessly beautiful rather than perfectly sprayed and pinned.

Bohemian Wedding Décor

Bohemian venues celebrate natural beauty through lush greenery, vibrant flower arrangements, wooden accents, or wicker furniture. When you meet your wedding planner, remember to discuss how you can feature common bohemian décor throughout the wedding reception hall.

Flowers & Succulents

Bohemian styles feature flowers and succulents, but this doesn’t mean having obnoxiously sized flowers everywhere you turn. Adorn each table with grand centerpieces including neutral-colored flowers mixed in with muted or saturated colors, such as light pink or burnt orange. Specific flowers that complement Bohemian weddings include peonies, different types of eucalypti, thistles, Sahara roses, lilies of the valley, and carnations.

When thinking of your bouquet, consider Silver Dollar Eucalyptus amongst either brightly colored flowers or pastels, depending on your preference. Regardless of the flower bouquet you choose, the key is to incorporate a mixture of green, neutral, and colorful flowers to create a seamless Bohemian look.

Succulents are another “must-have” decoration for modern Bohemian weddings. Whether you choose to incorporate succulents for a photo wall or as centerpieces, succulents are still undeniably a staple of the Bohemian style. If you’re looking to use succulents sparingly, consider placing a singular succulent on top of the menus at each table, on escort cards, or as serviette rings. On a grander scheme, include succulents atop archways, door frames, aisle runners, or even as the focus of your cake decorations.

Create a Cozy Seating Area

A rising trend we’ve noticed in Bohemian weddings involves creating a cozy lounge-like seating area. Plush pillows, wicker chairs, string lights, and candles are the perfect embellishments for your Bohemian seating area. While these spaces can be as casual or as elevated as you choose to make them, they’re a unique way to gather your guests in one area to celebrate you and your beloved.

Utilize Quintessential Bohemian Drapery

Clean white drapery atop archways, as ceiling curtains, or as panels for entryways can help emphasize the height of your venue space and give it structure. Drapery can also help close off VIP areas or direct your guests towards designated seats—talk about killing two birds with one stone!

The most used types of drapery in weddings are sheer voile, poly premier, and poly satin drapes. Sheer voile drapes are lightweight, clean, and fairy-tale-like with pops of color from LED lights. Poly Premier drapes always seem to have an undeniably elegant flair to them. Poly Premier drapes are comparable to table linens used for tablecloths at fine-dining establishments.

Finally, Poly Satin wedding drapes have a glossy finish to set a romantic and sophisticated mood. When choosing poly satin wedding drapes, you may want to opt for a heavier fabric to prevent any rips or tears.

Serve Flavorful Bohemian Cocktails

Bohemian cocktails should be colorful, simple, and earthy in their looks. One way to give flair to the cocktail menu is by using fruit, leaf, or flower garnishes to connect back to the natural element of Bohemian style. These additions can function as garnishes, but eucalyptus, thyme, and lavender can be a focal point of specific cocktails, making your drink menu elevated and flavorful.

If you prefer gin-based cocktails, look no further than a Rosemary Gin Fizz or a Gin Basil Smash. For those who enjoy a sweeter drink, a Strawberry Thyme cocktail or a Blueberry Mint Mojito are delicious options to add to the cocktail list.

Plan Your Bohemian Wedding with Knowles Hospitality

The luscious greenery, ponds, and fountains surrounding Knowles Hospitality venues make for the perfect Bohemian wedding. Our wedding planners will select one-of-a-kind Bohemian pieces to exceed your highest expectations.

Learn more about hosting your Bohemian wedding with Knowles Hospitality today by dialing (973) 731-2360. For unlimited wedding planning ideas and Bohemian wedding inspiration, visit our blog to discover how to make your special day a beautiful life-long memory.

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