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It has been quite a year! As the days get colder, and as we get closer and closer to 2019, the wedding experts at the Manor reflect on all of the best tips and tricks we have brought to you over the course of the year. We hope that all of the happy couples used these tips over the past year, and bring them up again so that they can be used to help those who will tie the knot in the new year.

How to Select your Floral Centerpieces

Can’t figure out how to chose just the right flowers? We’ve got you covered. Your centerpieces will blossom and bloom with these tips!

Skin Care Steps For Perfect Wedding Day Skin

Ready for your close up? Only if you remembered to take into account these important steps for your wedding day skin! Follow these, and you’ll be glowing down the aisle, on the dance floor, and in your memories!

Guide to Planning a Wedding Ceremony

Most couples don’t exactly have experience planning wedding ceremonies. No worries, with these tips and tricks, we’ll have you planning a beautiful and unique ceremony that you and your family will love.

How To Add Bridal Fashion and Style To Your Wedding Day

Want to add a fresh spark to your bridal party? Try for mismatched dress styles, different shades of a color, and more! Here are our tips to making your bridal party fashionable at the altar.

Unique and Creative Ideas for Wedding Décor

Dare to be different with these tips for your wedding décor. Change up the venue with LED lights, take a new look at decorating the gift table, or bring in a new aisle runner to spice up your ceremony. These ideas are sure to spark something inside of you so that you can make your wedding your own.

Planning an LGBT Wedding

Show your pride as you plan a wedding you and your partner will treasure forever. Wedding traditions are geared towards heterosexual couples, and you might get some hard questions from your relatives. Find your potential answers in here! And remember, it’s your day with your future spouse, enjoy it!

Wedding Checklist: The Perfect Wedding Vows

Writing your wedding vows is one of the most cherished parts of the planning process. Whether you decide to make them full of promises, jokes, tears, or memories, it is a part of the ceremony everyone is looking forward too, and something that you will hold in your heart. Here are our steps to creating the magical words you will never forget.

How To Choose The Right Beautician and Hair Stylist For Your Wedding

You’ve found Mr. Right, now its time to find the right stylist and beautician so that you look your best walking down the aisle. These people will be working closely with you up to your big day, so ensuring that you are compatible with them is key to having a stress-free and successful day.

To Have an Open Bar or a Cash Bar For Your Wedding

It used to be customary to have an open bar at your wedding. Now, couples aren’t so sure, due to the massive cost. But it’s a tradition to have an open bar. Come with us as we explore both sides of the debate, and discover which option is right for you, your wallet, and your guests.

Choosing The Perfect Songs for Your Wedding

It’s time to dance, dance! Your time on the open floor is a part of your treasured memories, whether it be doing the cha cha with your best buds, waltzing with your teary-eyed parents, or gliding across the floor with your favorite person. This list of beautiful love songs will take you back to the night you met, and remind you of why you can’t help falling in love with your new bride or groom, over and over again.

Tie the Knot in 2019

And those are our best tips from the past year! The start of a fresh new year is often the beginning of wedding planning for many couples, and the wedding experts at the Manor is more than happy to assist you with all of your wedding plans. Call us today!

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