Expert Tips to Style Your Wedding Aisle

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Wedding AislesAs your wedding guests gather and the bridal chorus starts, your wedding aisle takes center stage as loved ones excitedly wait for the beautiful bride. Choosing the best aisle decorations can elegantly enhance your wedding ceremony. From choosing between the aesthetic of bows, flower petals, tiebacks, ribbons, or having a runner, your wedding aisle serves as an extra touch of personalized beauty to awe your friends and family.

The wedding planners at Knowles Hospitality understand that the bride and groom have enough tasks to deal with, which is why we’ve gathered tips to style wedding aisles. Use this helpful guide to coordinate your aisle décor with your wedding’s theme.

Bring Some Flower Power to Your Aisles

An easy addition, lining the aisle with flower petals adds a pop of color to any indoor or outdoor ceremony. Not just reserved for flower girls, petals create a soft romantic feel to the entire ceremony. For a more modern twist, try creating a unique pattern with the petals. Ombre flower petals create a subtle array of color, while a blanket of petals adds drama. For an elegant touch, consider a pattern with the petals in 6- to 12-inch widths running along the sides of your aisle.

Often many brides include lanterns or soft candles lining the aisle—both will illuminate the aisle, giving your wedding an undeniable magical ambiance. Consider including fall leaves, flower heads, fabric, or feathers into your composition to complement the scene.

More Flower Power: Flower Cones on Aisle Chairs

Hanging flower bouquets nestled above streams of tulle can give your aisle an elegant and romantic look. Craft flower cones and attach them to the top seat of your chairs, or tie sashes along the back of them, or simply embellish them with flowers.

To make flower cones, cut medium-weight construction paper into a 7-inch square. Next, use decorative scissors to scallop the edge and a pencil to form the tip. Secure the outer flap of the cone with craft glue or invisible tape. Punch six holes, 1 inch apart, beginning at top front center. Next, thread a 20-inch length of 1/2-inch ribbon through the holes. Tie a bow at the front and leave a 7-inch loop at the back. Fill these flower cones with any flower you want

Decorating Your Wedding Aisle Chairs

Depending on your ceremony, you may elect for chairs (typical for outdoor weddings) or pews in a church ceremony. To further enhance the ceremony, you may want to decorate the chairs along the aisle. For example, you can tie flowers like baby breath, roses, or lavender with twine to make an understated aisle decoration. For theme-based weddings, Spark some imagination for a beach-themed wedding by fastening starfish and coral with teal ribbons.

For a rustic theme wedding, hang dried grass, wheat, and fall berries using natural colored raffia and twine to the end of each pew or chair. The opportunities are endless when creating an attention-grabbing wedding aisle.

Jars Galore with Wedding Aisle Decor

Mason jars add a rustic and vintage charm to any wedding theme. An effective and versatile option, mason jars can be one of the core thematic decorations for a wedding. Here are a few ways to use mason jars to their full potential:

  • STEP 1: Fill mason jars with colorful flower bouquets to line the aisle for a perfect outdoor wedding decoration. You can fill jars with water and float lotus flowers on top of them.
  • STEP 2: Mason jars also work well as hanging decorations. Tie twine or ribbon around the Mason jar or use it to hang the Mason jar from the aisle chairs. Mason jars also hang adorably from a shepherd’s hook for outdoor or farm-inspired rustic weddings.
  • STEP 3: Create a lantern by using a clear or colored mason jar and place a tea light candle inside. To add a vintage touch, put doilies or lace around the mason jars.

Let the Aisle Décor Tell Your Love Story

Your wedding day celebrates your lifelong commitment and devotion to one another, so why not incorporate that into your aisle décor? Try writing something meaningful on an aisle runner that tells your guests your story. Embellish the runner with a large monogram, a favorite piece of literature, a quote that is significant to you and your loved one. You can even line the runner with the love story of how you and your partner met.

Want to make your family sentimental on your big day? Line each row with framed childhood photos to denote the bride and groom’s sides. Your guests will love to take a walk down memory lane and see how much you and your partner have grown.

Alluring Aisles for Breathtaking Brides

With all the aisle décor options out there, choose one that fits you and your partner’s personality as well as the atmosphere you’ve planned for your wedding day. At Knowles Hospitality, our wedding planners look forward to decorating your aisle for your big day. Contact the top wedding planners in northern New Jersey to start planning your upcoming dream wedding today!

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