Graduation Party Trends

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Graduation Party Trends
Graduation season calls for celebrations of your student’s great accomplishments, whether it be a high school graduation, college graduation, finishing medical school, law school or earning an advanced degree. No matter what your student has completed, you can show him or her how proud you are, and how much their education and dedication means to all of their loved ones, with a graduation party in their honor.

To help you plan a graduation party worthy of your child’s accomplishments, we’ve collected the top graduation party trends:

  • Plan a sit-down dinner at one of our fine dining restaurants in NJ, for a multi-course gourmet meal to be savored and remembered. Each course can represent a year of the student’s studies, and with your top NJ chef’s culinary expertise, stand out as a crowd-pleasing treat.
  • Plan a cocktail party celebration, so that guests can mingle, visit cocktail party stations, welcome hand-passed hors d’oeuvres and marvel over each offering in your party menu.
  • Propose a toast to the graduate, with champagne and signature drinks personalized to the guest of honor (and add a non-alcoholic signature drink if your graduate is underaged.)
  • Go upscale with your graduation party décor, skipping the party supply store decorations in favor of florals and signs in your graduate’s school colors, photos of their most memorable times during school, displays of their great achievements such as honor society inclusion and scholarship wins. Think grand floral centerpieces in the centers of your tables, or a long table lined with the prettiest of florals and candles for photo-worthy décor.
  • Display on a sign the personalized hashtag for social media sharing of photos and video from this party.
  • Rent a photo booth, choosing from a standard or open-air booth, and load up the photo booth props table with pennants and other items in the graduate’s school colors.
  • Print out menu cards featuring your dinner menu, and roll them up like diplomas for a fun themed detail at your graduation party.
  • Design a cake that pays tribute to your child’s school, in colors or logos, and pair it with our pastry chef’s scrumptious sweets.
  • If your child will continue on to a higher level of education, consider this to be a ‘Next Step Up’ or ‘The Greatness Continues’ party as well. It will mean so much to your child that you have such belief in him or her, and that you share your pride with all.
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