How to Dress for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah

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Bar Mitzvah OutfitSo you recently received an invitation to the momentous coming of age ceremony for young Jewish men and women! Mazel Tov! A bar mitzvah is a religious ceremony for Jewish boys turning 13, and a bat mitzvah is a religious ceremony for Jewish girls ages 13. This ceremony – or rather initiation – celebrates when young Jewish men or women commit to following the commandments of Judaism and enter adulthood.

Dressing for a bar/bat mitzvah can seem overwhelming, especially if this is your first one. Since the religious services last about 1-2 hours, you’ll want to wear something comfortable and respectful in the synagogue and at the after-party. Guests typically attend both the ceremony and the after-party, so remember to strap on your dancing shoes! Don’t feel nervous when dressing for an unfamiliar occasion; bar/bat mitzvahs are energetic celebrations that every guest should enjoy! Keep reading to learn more about Knowles Hospitality’s foolproof guide to dressing for bar/bat mitzvah so you can attend the celebration in style.

How to Dress in the Synagogue

Before you make your way to the party, you must first attend the religious ceremony in the synagogue. During this event, the young man or woman reads sacred scripture from the Torah and delivers a speech about reaching religious adulthood. At the ceremony, guests typically come dressed formally and conservatively as a sign of respect. If you feel unsure about the proper attire, don’t hesitate to ask the hosts. Better safe than sorry, right?

To respect traditional Jewish customs, make sure you cover your shoulders with a shawl, ladies.  The  synagogue provides men with kippahs, a small head covering worn by Jewish men. Furthermore, most women wear knee-length skirts or dresses with a sweater or a shoulder covering. Women dress modestly, so a longer jewel-toned cocktail dress with a shawl draped over the shoulders should work. When you’re in a synagogue, wearing formal clothes, covering up and showing respect is key to an unforgettable experience for both you and the hosts.

How to Dress for the Seudat Mitzvah

After the ceremony, the bar/bat mitzvah celebration begins! A Seudat Mitzvah is the meal and celebration following the religious service. The dress code for the reception is generally semi-formal, so you can wear the same outfit you wore to the ceremony. A modest, midi-length dress, comfortable pumps, and a pendant necklace will be just fine for the ladies, and men can keep their suits on from the ceremony. Sometimes the hosts may not list the dress code on the invitation; nonetheless, you still want to keep your outfit formal. Never under or overdress for a bar/bat mitzvah because you never want to come off as disrespectful by wearing a dress that is too short or revealing.

Most Importantly: Remember to Have Fun at Bar/Bat Mitzvah!

Attending a bar/bat mitzvah is a great way to learn more about Jewish culture. Bar/bat mitzvahs are all about having fun and welcoming young men or women into adulthood! So don’t act surprised if the bar/bat mitzvah that rivals some weddings you’ve attended. Again, don’t forget your dancing shoes because we guarantee that you’ll dance the night away.

Hosting a Bar/Bat Mitzvah with Knowles Hospitality

If you need help planning a bar/bat mitzvah for your soon-to-be young adult, Knowles Hospitality can help you through each stage of the planning process! Our experienced party planners have all the knowledge to give your teenager a perfect bar/bat mitzvah. Contact us at (973)-731-2360 for more information on all things party planning. We look forward to making your bar/bat mitzvah a one-of-a-kind celebration.

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