How to Personalize a Bat Mitzvah

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Ways to Personalize a Bar Mitzvah
In recent posts, we listed the top bar mitzvah themes and top bat mitzvah themes, and now we turn our attention to the top ways to personalize a bar or bat mitzvah celebration to put the spotlight on your child as well as on the theme he or she wants for the party.

At our NJ event venues, we’ve welcomed fabulous, unforgettable mitzvah celebrations, filling our ballrooms and grounds with impressive and on-trend spotlights on the child being celebrated.

For instance, here’s a photo gallery of bar and bat mitzvahs at the Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange to give you some visual inspiration:, and here is a look at photo booth photos from a bar mitzvah held at the Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange:

As you’ll see, many of the mitzvah celebrations feature personalized details that pay tribute to the guest of honor, and provide excellent photo opportunities for a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah that will be talked about for a long time to come.

To help you plan your NJ bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, here are the top ways to personalize your party details:

  • Create design and décor details featuring the child’s first and last name. For instance, you may have Josh’s teen lounge and the Cohen Candy Bar to highlight the dessert hour of your child’s bar mitzvah. Using both first and last names opens up many additional ways to personalize the celebration.
  • Use lighting. Your child’s name projected onto the dance floor or onto the walls of the ballroom, even onto the driveway outside your event venue, creates a dramatic effect that impresses guests, and again, provides excellent photo opportunities. Know that special effects lighting companies in New Jersey can help you design custom lighting effects going beyond your child’s name, such as a take on the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah theme, or your child’s signature saying, a line from a movie, and many more options. Specialty lighting can also direct guests to ‘Josh’s Teen Lounge’ and other special party areas of your event venue and grounds.
  • Offer signature drinks and dishes. Whatever you select for your bar mitzvah catering list or bat mitzvah menu, give each dish a personalized name tailored to your child, such as ‘Hannah’s Hummus Station’ or ‘Steven’s Sliders.’ Drinks for kids and teens can be given a personalized name as part of a signature drinks lists for young party guests, and again, use your last name for adult drinks on the bar menu.
  • Display personalized signs. A tall chalkboard sign can welcome guests to ‘Brianna’s Broadway Celebration,’ direct them to your party zones, and share the Instagram tag you’d like guests to use for sharing their photos. Signs can be designed for your party buffet or stations, for entertainment areas in your party venue, and for outdoor areas that extend the celebration all through the grounds of your event venue.
  • Pillows. At seating areas such as lounge-type gathering zones featuring couches and plush chairs, personalized pillows can display the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah child’s name or monogram, a top trend in event décor.
  • Cake and desserts personalized to your child. Cookies might have a likeness of your child’s face, or his or her name or initial on them – as can the cake – and the dessert list featuring your child’s favorite desserts may also be personalized by giving each sweet treat a special name tributing your child.
  • A video presentation. As the party opens, a special video presentation created by your child and his or her friends, or by a professional video production company, your child shines on the big screen as the star or his or her own mini movie or fabulously-edited photo montage.
  • A live performance. If your child has amazing dance, music or other talents, he or she can open the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah celebration with a live performance, either solo or being joined by friends or professional performers.
  • Photos and video displays. Creatively displayed and lit photos can be placed around your ballroom or in other areas of your event venue, and a flat screen can play video of your child’s growing-up years or any video you’d like. A top trend in parties is to display real-time images being taken at the photo booth, so all of your guests can see and enjoy them.
  • And a nice ending touch is a thank you sign, or hand-written thank you messages from your child, at your event venue’s exit, with those hand-written (or printed) notes from your child affixed to signature take-home desserts bearing your child’s likeness, name or monogram.
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