How to Share Your Wedding Proposal on Social Media

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Wedding Proposal AnnouncementCongratulations! Your hubby finally popped the big question and you joyfully said, “YES!” As one of the most momentous milestones in your life, you’ll certainly want to share this big news with your friends and family ASAP. Nowadays, social media allows you to quickly share your news with everyone.

Within minutes, possibly even seconds, you’ll receive a wave of congratulations in your notifications and inbox. But simply changing your Facebook relationship status to “taken” won’t do this significant milestone justice. If you want to make an exciting social media post to announce the big news, borrow a few ideas from the Knowles Hospitality wedding experts.

Things to Consider Before Announcing Online

Before you click POST, take a few moments to think about your messaging. This exact moment will never happen again, so don’t rush it. Once you’re ready to let everyone know, consider telling your close family first. Give mom, dad, and grandma a buzz and let them in on the news first. Then reach out to the rest of your family and close friends to let them know of this huge announcement.

When you are ready to post it publicly, don’t rush to add a date. Even if you already know the wedding date, things can always change. There are still countless items on your To-Do list: the budgets, guest list, decorations, and more will affect your wedding plans and date.

Another tip, which may seem obvious, is to keep it positive. There might be a select few who are not as happy for you as some others but don’t give any attention to the haters. Avoid throwing shade with comments like, “For those of you who thought we wouldn’t make it…” Keep it upbeat and positive to start this new chapter with a joyous vibe.

Most importantly, before you do anything, talk with your partner. Announcing this huge milestone will likely be your first decision together as an engaged couple. Talk about who you want to tell and how you want to tell them. Make sure to get on the same page and begin this journey together on a good note. When you finally feel ready to make the announcement, head to social media and get creative!

Creative Ways to Post Your Engagement on Social Media

Get ready to surprise your followers with this creative list of ways to announce your engagement online. Furthermore, you may want to also consider creating a customized hashtag to keep track of all the photos you and your family and friends post along your journey of marriage.

  1. A Creative Ring Selfie

The classic smiling selfie featuring your new shiny ring might not be creative enough for you. Try holding up your hand, focusing on the ring, with your new fiancé in the background. Have your fiancé hold up his thumbs, jump in the air, or grin from ear to ear. Keep the photo focused on the ring with a somewhat blurry fiancé in the back. This is a sure way to show off that ring while giving thanks to your fiancé in the process.

  1. Use Your Pet

If you two are huge animal lovers, consider incorporating your pet in the big announcement. Perhaps you considered including your fur baby in the reveal! Try hanging a sign from his or her neck explaining the big news. “My humans are getting married!” “Just engaged!” “Together forever.” There is an endless number of possibilities to get creative with this one. Besides using a sign, you can take a photo of the engagement ring placed on their nose or hang the ring from their collar. Let’s hope your pet can sit still enough to catch a quick snapshot!

  1. Incorporate a Prop

There are so many different props available to announce your engagement. This idea may need a little more creativity, but we guarantee you’ll feel ecstatic once you have a 100% unique photo. You and your significant other can hold up a sign announcing your engagement. Take some cute photos with a huge ring balloon or hold some rope with a knot in the middle. Maybe sip out of coffee cups together with lettering announcing the engagement. Even pose with a quote board with lettering … “Pop the champagne, I’m changing my last name!” There are countless props and ideas for you to get creative by using a prop to share your proposal online.

  1. Have a Professional Engagement Shoot

There are many perks to setting up a professional engagement shoot. Not only will this make for beautiful pictures, but you will have the chance to work with your photographer before the big day. Getting to feel each other out and understand how each party works will certainly help prep both of you for your wedding day.

  1. Pose for a Sunset Ring Shot

If your engagement took place during a hot summer month somewhere near the beach, this creative shot would announce the news stunningly. Try setting up the ring in the sand and standing with your significant other in the background. If the picture is set up correctly, you will be standing “inside” the ring from afar, even with the sunset in the background. If you aren’t reveling in your special moments by the beach, try to incorporate nature around within your beautiful shot. By the rugged mountains, at a scenic park, or wherever you’re celebrating your engagement, utilize your stunning surroundings to capture a picturesque photo.

Share Your Engagement Your Way

When you finally decide to share the big news, don’t jump ahead and fly past the moment. Revel in this precious moment with your partner and appreciate this significant milestone. If you happen to come across a few online users who don’t share your excitement, simply block them out with the pure joy and excitement coming from the other 99% of your fans. If a social media post doesn’t do your announcement justice, try streaming it live or getting on a video call with all your loved ones to share the news. Regardless of how you share your engagement news online, do it with creativity, happiness, and excitement.

Once you move on to wedding planning, Knowles Hospitality will gladly meet all your unique needs. For strategic planning, a beautiful venue, and more, contact our wedding experts to create the perfect wedding day. Congratulations, and good luck on your journey!

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