Tips for Engagement Photos

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Tips for Engagement Photos

The holidays are right around the corner, folks, which means engagement season is creeping up! A lot of engagements happen during the holiday season because of all the magic that’s in the air! Whether you’re newly engaged, or you think your hubby will pop the question, the wedding planning professionals at Knowles Hospitality are here to share some tips on how to nail your engagement photos. From what to wear and how to pose, keep reading to discover some great engagement photos tips.

1. How to Pose for Engagement Photos

We all know how awkward it can get when standing in front of a camera sometimes. You never know what to do with your hands, you don’t want the photos to come out bad, and you never want to do the same pose over and over again! The great thing about engagement photos is that you’re not alone, so you always have your partner to turn to for each picture!

These photos are so memorable and capture that special moment with your significant other makes for an adorable and natural-looking photograph! Another way to make a shot look more candid involves gazing into your partner’s eyes and smiling. Trust us when we say you’re going to cherish special moments like this forever!

2. Pick a Picturesque Location for Engagement Photos

Location is everything and truly gives your photo an added layer of depth! Before you and your partner head down to your local park, imagine what you both want in the background. Think about what you both love to do as a couple and reflect that in your photos! If you love hiking, then consider a nature walk or outdoor location, but if you love snuggling on the couch watching movies, consider doing a casual at-home session. Remember, this is your engagement shoot, so there is no wrong location! Just make sure it’s something you and your fiancé both want.

3. Choose a Gorgeous Outfit for Your Engagement Photos

Of course, when taking photos, we want to wear something we feel good in, but be sure to keep comfort in mind! Don’t wear something too tight because you’ll be trying to cover up the whole shoot! Don’t wear something brand new because you may feel apprehensive about how you will look throughout the entire photoshoot. Wear something you feel comfortable yet sexy in! These photos are for you, so you don’t want to look back at your photos with any regrets. Choose an outfit that fits you and your location, like a flowy dress or skirt if you’re shooting outdoors. The wind will hit it just right, making for the perfect photo! Also, don’t forget to make sure your outfits are in perfect shape for your shoot by steaming or ironing them the night before!

4. Hire a Professional Photographer to Shoot Your Engagement Photos

This is probably a given to us all! But be sure to hire a professional photographer to ensure your photos will be the best they can be! Engagement photos are such a short yet sweet chapter of your life and they deserve ample attention. We recommend booking your photos with your future wedding photographer to get comfortable and connect with them and in front of the camera. When it comes time for the wedding, you’ll already know who you’re working with so you can get your dream wedding photos!

Remember These Essential Engagement Photo Tips

Engagement photos are so memorable and they deserve to be the best quality they can be! Do you need help planning an engagement photoshoot? Contact the experts at Knowles Hospitality by dialing (973) 731-2360 today to plan your unforgettable shoot with your partner.

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