Picking the Right Jewelry for Your Wedding Day

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Picking the Right Jewelry for Your Wedding Day

Picking the Right Jewelry for Your Wedding Day

Enhancing the beauty of your wedding gown with the ideal accessories

As a popular New Jersey wedding venue, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting countless brides, each with their own unique style, which has extended to the choice of jewelry they wore on their wedding day as well.  Some have been extravagantly embellished; others have taken a completely natural approach and worn no jewelry at all.

At the end of the day, your personal style will ultimately be the best guide for selecting what jewelry feels right for you; after all, it’s your big day, so why not celebrate who you are?  That said, as the center of attention you’ll still want to make the best choices within your general aesthetic to make sure your beauty can shine through and is not upstaged by your ornamentation.

The best starting point for deciding what type of jewelry to select for your wedding day is what’s true for choosing almost any outfit and accessories: Start with the dress. After you, the wedding gown is the star. The wedding jewelry you choose should help accent the dress, not outshine it or draw attention away.

Carefully choosing the right wedding jewelry that compliments your gown will go a long way in completing the look and accentuating the cut and style you’ve chosen for your dress.

The shade, pattern, design, and embellishments will all play a factor in what will look best.  For example, does your dress have sequins, pearls, or diamantes? If so, how prominent are they? Would adding more of the same on a bracelet, necklace and/or earrings create a unified look, be too “matchy-matchy,” or just plain over-the-top?  It will vary from dress to dress.  As a general rule, less is more when adding to the look of the embellishments on your gown.

Have you chosen a dress that has a delicate, lighter appearance, perhaps with lace, batiste, or crepe? Then you may want to avoid overpowering it with chunkier, heavier looking jewelry, and go with finer and more subtle designs.  On the other hand, if the dress you’ve chosen is fuller and more heavily textured, or densely woven with a more distinct pattern, you may need more bold jewelry to match the grandeur of the gown.

Your wedding gown’s neckline and sleeve cut (or lack thereof) is also a determinant of the types of wedding jewelry that would look best.  A longer necklace with a larger pendant would be more appropriate for a plunging neckline than say a high neckline or even a straighter cut strapless gown, for example. The general rules of proportion and spacing apply all-the-more when it comes to wedding dress accessories.  Everything stands out more, particularly on a full white dress.

There are so many striking and extravagant options when it comes to wedding jewelry that it can be hard not to want it all. And after all, when it’s your chance to be the princess you want to look the part. But what we think has helped make so many of our weddings a success and makes us such a sought-after wedding venue is our effort to always make the bride & groom the center of attention, even amongst the beautiful backdrop.  We’d like the same for you.  So when selecting your wedding jewelry, choose carefully to best accent your overall look, so your guests don’t leave talking about how beautiful your necklace was, but how beautiful you looked on you wedding day.

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