Top 2017 Graduation Party Themes

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Each year high school and college seniors graduate and are happily congratulated by their family and friends. This year why not forego a traditional graduation party and honor their accomplishment by sending your high school or college grad off into the next chapter with a memorable themed party? Whether closing the chapter and leaving old high school friends for an exciting college journey or completing a degree and embarking into the real world, the Manor has gathered trendy and unique top 2017 graduation party themes to ensure these precious memories last a lifetime.

Nautical Themed “Bon Voyage, Set Sail”

Set sail for new horizons by hosting a nautical themed party for your graduate. Kick off the theme by including a dress code of navy and white on the invitation. Upon arrival, greet guests with a decorated venue entrance with white and blue themed carpet and stanchions to mimic walking up to a cruise ship. Fastening life preservers on each stanchion that read “Bon Voyage, I’ve Graduated” sets a fun tone for the party. You can also have a life preserver on display for all guests to sign to replace a traditional guest book. Nautical parties are ideal for a yard with a pool, party lakeside, beachfront, or even on private yachts. Dress up the photo booth with sunglasses for guests to wear for “bright future” or captain hats. A fun game to play at a party such as this is “tug of war”. In the middle of the two groups place a large pool filled with rolled diplomas and graduation caps. Serve your guests beach theme meals such as fish and chips or snow cones featuring school colors- and don’t forget to include saltwater taffy in the party favors!

Business Themed “Suit and Tie”

What better way for your bright graduate to join the workforce then celebrating with a “suit and tie” themed party? You can include a business soiree on the invitations suggesting professional attire or business casual. Greet your guests with name tags and numbers as if they are being interviewed. Then, have each number correspond with the seating arrangements. Be sure to mix us the guest list so everyone can get acquainted, similar to group interviews. Because your college senior is well prepared from endless lessons, include a few into the theme such as post-it notes with interview questions or inspirational quotes. Decorate tables with leather briefcases as centerpieces, best-seller books, or for male grads- ties in various patterns and prints. Provide entertainment with trivia games that revolving around the graduate’s college experience, major, classes or travel or childhood dream job. A corporate gathering deserves a formal dinner, offer guests a three-course meal instead of self-serve style or buffet. A fun themed display is to create a non-edible “money cake” which uses actual dollar bills rolled tightly together to form a circular shape and stacked creating tiers.

Social Media-Themed “Snapshot of My Life”

To make this final chapter last forever, incorporate it into a party theme. Using your graduate’s favorite social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook get creative with hashtags of their graduating class, college mascot name coupled with life-size cardboard cutouts, all bring the digital world into your child’s graduation celebration. Jump no the Emoji bandwagon and decorate with yellow Emoji smiley face balloons. Bonus, this party will not require a photographer because everyone will be snapping photos. Add a retro vibe into the mix with Polaroid cameras for guests to use, then display photos on a board, wall or string above the party space. Remember to create a custom hashtag for guests to post, tag and like all photos from this fun-filled memorable day!

Study Session “All-Nighter”

Every high school and college graduate will remember pulling an “all-nighter” to get that A+. Though staying up all night to complete an assignment may seem like a habit of the past, this theme party is a fun way for friends and family to relive the whole college experience. To really get in the mood have your guests wear their college sweatshirts or even pajamas. Offer a wide range of snacks and beverages options, sweet and salty treats such as burger sliders, pizza, French fries, soda, and energy drinks. Bite-sized portions encourage guest to indulge the entire evening. Add a candy table that has all your favorite candies and chocolates for your guest to indulge in. To set the mood, entertain guests with various games and quick thinking activities. A game of jeopardy can include topics the graduate studied in college, while scattering board games around each table provide fun options. You can also test quickness by having guests create silly flashcards. Enjoy the night away and don’t forget to set an alarm!

Celebrate the Graduating Class!

Graduating from college or high school is a major academic accomplishment and deserves an over the top celebration! The ideal time to host a graduation party is 1-2 weeks following graduation. Be sure to send out the invitations promptly after your guidance counselor clears graduation. Each graduate has a unique journey whether they were captain of the football team or academic decathlon champion; honor your graduate with a party that best fits their four-year experience. The Manor looks forward to congratulating the graduating class of 2017!

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