Top Dessert Trends for Weddings

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Top Dessert Trends for Weddings

Wedding Dessert

Wedding guests look forward to the dessert hour with great anticipation. Even as they savor your gourmet wedding menu, they’re looking forward to your spectacular wedding cake, decadent dessert buffet, and sweets stations.  Great desserts make a fabulous wedding unforgettable, as the last taste of your grand wedding impresses your guests tremendously.

Here are the top trends in wedding desserts to inspire you:

  • Individual dessert plates: Each guests receives his or her own plate arranged with a trio or collection of fresh-made desserts, such as a crème brûlée, amaretto cheesecake, flourless chocolate cake and a chocolate dipped berry. Another combination may be chocolate mousse, cheesecake with raspberry sauce, and berries.
  • Baked Alaska. This retro dessert, individual ice cream cakes with meringue, is a top wedding trend right now for so many of our tri-state area brides and grooms who want a classic wedding dessert in their offerings.
  •  Molten lava cake. Guests love making that first slice into a warm mini chocolate cake, and having the molten chocolate sauce flow out across the plate, especially when its combined with raspberry mousse or ice cream.
  •  Chocolate Decadence Cake. Also popular for wedding desserts is a rich, creamy chocolate cake with ganache or mousse, served as a choice on the wedding dessert buffet, as the wedding cake itself, or the groom’s cake.
  •  Orange cheesecake with berries. When you give a traditional dessert a twist, such as making a classic cheesecake a citrus-flavored cheesecake, guests appreciate it all the more, and your dessert hour is elevated thanks to your offering a unique taste that isn’t found at other weddings.
  • Apple tart. Especially for fall weddings, fruit tarts offer the combination of warm, sweet tart and cold ice cream or gelato for a classic comfort food that may be a personalized choice from your childhood favorite tastes.
  •  Chocolate buffets. The entire buffet or station features elegantly-displayed chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered berries, chocolate mini tarts…all things milk and dark chocolate, with white chocolate accents added in.
  • Additional choices: Offer perennial wedding dessert favorites such as authentic pastries, biscotti, truffles, personalized candies, cake pops, mini cupcakes and other trendy dessert hour items to please all of your guests, from young to old.
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