Wedding Guests with Special Dietary Needs

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Special Dietary Needs

Wedding Menu

When thinking about your wedding menu – for your cocktail party, your wedding reception dinner, and your wedding cake and desserts, be sure to keep in mind your guests’ special dietary requirements.

It’s now become far more prevalent for our New Jersey and New York City wedding couples to customize their wedding catering choices with a large selection of food items that their gluten-free and vegetarian guests can enjoy. Brides and grooms have read horror stories on wedding websites, wedding blogs and wedding message boards about weddings at which dietary-restricted guests could only pick on a small number of foods. They certainly don’t want that for their own wedding guests, nor do we.

So follow this new wedding tip of adding a note to your personal wedding website that invites guests to email you with their particular dietary restrictions and requirements, so that you may work with your wedding caterers and chefs to provide a menu they’ll enjoy fully. Guests appreciate your thoughtfulness, and your wedding becomes an even bigger gourmet success.

Here are the top categories of specialty wedding menu foods to blend in with your additional gourmet catering selections:

  • A wide range of gluten-free foods, that our chefs will create, and display signs identifying them as such.
  • At least six options that vegetarians can enjoy.
  • At least six options that vegans can enjoy.
  • At least three options that dairy-free guests can enjoy (as in, no cream sauces, etc.)
  • Special care given to keep nuts out of salads as well as free from breading mixtures, with signage letting guests know that each dish is nut-free.

Provide a wide variety of foods, choosing from our wedding menu items that will fulfill your wishlist for a nice mix of meat and non-meat foods, seafoods and non-seafoods, salads, vegetables, fruits, and more. And talk with our wedding pastry chef about creating a gluten-free wedding cake and other desserts, again to allow all of your guests to enjoy each and every course with options chosen especially for their enjoyment.

And of course, be sure to include on your invitation response card a space for guests to fill in their dietary restrictions, as well as their guests’ dietary restrictions, so that you’re organized and have correct information to share with your wedding caterer and wedding chefs.


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