2012 Wedding Trend: The After Party

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Wedding After Party

Wedding After Party

One of the top wedding trends is continuing the wedding celebration even after the reception is done, by planning a fun and festive after-party. In the past, the bride, groom and their friends would simply go to the hotel bar to keep the party going, and now there are new party plans that our New Jersey and New York City wedding couples are making to turn their after-party into unforgettable celebrations. Here are some after-party plans to inspire you:

  • Arrange for the hotel shuttle to take you and your friends to your favorite nearby nightclub or bar, then return everyone to the hotel safe and sound.
  • Invite your closest friends to your hotel suite for a small-group celebration.
  • Invite guests to join you in an outing to a great local New Jersey jazz club or other specialty spot.
  • Parents are inviting their friends and close relatives back to their homes or hotel suites for a champagne and dessert party.
  • Go back to the hotel for an evening swim party or hot-tubbing, if your hotel’s pool hours allow.
  • Go to a local New Jersey sports bar for a relaxed environment, and to catch the games on television.
  • Invite guest back to your home for a cocktail party, providing catered snacks or dessert trays. While there, friends can display the video and photos they shot during the wedding day.

Menu for the After-Party

 Guests will have enjoyed fine dining and wonderful wedding cake and desserts at your reception, but in the after-hours, they’ll welcome additional crowd-pleasing snacks and desserts. You might choose to order in – and out-of-town guests especially enjoy eating our excellent New Jersey pizza – or you’ll supply easy-serve sandwich and appetizer platters that keep your workload low. We’ve had plenty of New Jersey wedding couples take inspiration from our wedding menus, and bring their small circle of VIP guests to our fine restaurants for a late-night dinner or desserts. Especially when an afternoon wedding reception ends at 6pm, wedding hosts like to plan an indulgent romantic dining experience for their closest friends and relatives.

Celebrity weddings often feature lavish after-parties, many with new deejays and a new party room decorated with trendy wedding couples and wedding décor, and now more of our local wedding couples are doing the same. They’re choosing new wedding themes, wedding menus, dessert menus, lighting, getting photo booths  and more to make this after-party a special experience for their most important guests….and the after-party gives the bride and groom relaxed time to celebrate with friends who’ve flown in for the wedding. On any wedding budget, an after-party makes a wedding celebration even more special.


Photo credit: ©2012 Berit Bizjak, Images by Berit, Inc.
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