Wedding Tips and Trends: Dressing For A Winter Wedding

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Having a winter wedding doesn’t have to leave style out in the cold! Whether you are the bride, part of the wedding party or a guest, it’s essential to know how to dress for a winter wedding. The Manor has stitched up top style trends and favorite fashion garments for our readers that will warm your wedding party and guests and ensure they will never utter the famous lyrics; “Baby it’s cold outside”.

The Bride

Do you have your dream wedding dress already picked out? Regardless what dress style you choose, brides can accessorize with faux shawls or embellished elegant scarves that complement whatever style dress you dream of. There are ways to make your gown winterized, so as not to compromise warmth for style, with sleeve options. Brides have many options to choose from such as capped sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, or long-sleeved dresses. The dress fabric is something to consider. Opt for silk dresses that hold onto heat or ball gowns that offer layers of comfort and warmth. If you are a bride who loves lace choosing Battenburg or knit lace, instead of Chantilly or Eyelet is the best option for wearing your favorite style for your winter nuptials.


Winter wedding calls for deep hues, jewel tones, pastels such as soft pinks and blues. Truthfully, any color can work for a winter wedding with a snowy backdrop. But keeping your bridesmaids warm yet trendy can be fashionably intimidating for some brides. As a bride, you have options from cardigans, shawls and whether you wish to have all your bridesmaids in monotone or variant of colors is totally up to you. Luxe faux scarves with matching gloves or hats add extra warmth, or even subtle cute knit tights or leggings create an extra layer. Consider selecting long sleeved dresses such as lace, which look elegant and classy while keeping your bridesmaids from shivering.

Closed toe shoes are a standard, but have you considered booties? Perfect wedge and in suede or a little embellishment can make a wonderful gift you know your bridesmaids would wear again each season. Remember it’s your day to style a look to cherish for years to come.


Perhaps you are having an outdoor wedding; weather can be fickle, and in which case, you should plan for a chill in the air. A fashionable way to keep guests cozy during your ceremony is by giving out Pashminas to your female guests. With a pretty shawl, you can easily color coordinate with your wedding theme and the soft material will be appreciated and used beyond your wedding. Other options are fleece blankets or knit gloves which you can neatly display in a nice basket at the entrance of your venue, aisle, or have draped or placed on seats. For an added touch tie each item up with a cute tag or have a sign that reads, “To have and to hold in case you get cold” or “Cold hands warm hearts”.

Warm Wishes

With winter wedding nuptials approaching, consider incorporating these helpful hints and tips into your wedding theme, in case you are still cold next to the warm and radiance of the wedding day. Whether your wedding is outdoors or helping guests traveling between venues, these ideas are sure to warm up your big day. Our wedding planners at The Manor look forward to making sure your dream wedding is cozy enough to cherish forever.

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