Why Your Brides Should Pamper Themselves Before A Wedding

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Why Brides Should Pamper ThemselvesMonths and months of wedding planning have taken place leading up to your big day, causing you large amounts of stress, anxiety, but also excitement. Before taking those initial steps down the aisle, we want you to feel calm, relaxed and confident. One of the best ways to do this is to pamper yourself from head to toe before your wedding. Whether you take a day for yourself or plan a spa outing with the girls, indulge your senses in Epsom salts, face masks, and massages.  Stop stressing about the dress fittings, floral arrangements, and guest lists; take a mental health day instead. Here are some of our ideas on why and how to plan your pre-wedding day pump-up:

Stop Stressing

Planning your wedding has put large amounts of stress on your mind and your body. You’re probably so busy that you haven’t realized the physical and mental toll that comes with planning a wedding. Some of these effects include fatigue, headaches, bodily aches and pains, nervousness, shaking, or frequent colds. One of the main reasons you should pamper yourself before a wedding is so you can bring your body back to its normal levels. Although it’s almost impossible to shake every ounce of stress away on your wedding day, we want to help you minimize it by taking a day for yourself to relieve those tense muscles and racing thoughts.

To relieve the physical symptoms of stress, we suggest booking a spa day complete with a body massage and facial the week before your wedding. At most spas, booking one single appointment will give you full access to their spa facilities. Take advantage of this and spend an entire day utilizing their amenities. Decompress by the hot tub or meditate in their serene lounges to clear your mind of stresses that may be circling in your head. Another popular method of relieving stress is exercising. If you do not already have a steady exercise regimen implemented, try planning one a few months in advance of your wedding day. This will help relieve stress every week and keep you looking good and feeling even better.

Minding the Mental

Having a strong mental state is key to having a happy life. Dedicating yourself to another person is nerve-racking and strenuous, especially when you want the day to be perfect. Second-guessing your decision and catching cold feet the day before your wedding day is common for both the bride and groom.  However, we want you to feel as if everything was meant to fall into place to keep your mind healthy, sharp, and happy when your wedding day arrives.

Surround yourself with a good support system. Your mind is the calmest when you surround yourself with good company in a comfortable environment. Being around these people is sure to keep you calm for your wedding day and the celebration afterward. You can crank up the tunes, and laugh out loud to relieve any negative thoughts you might be having.

Look Good, Feel Great

The most obvious reason for pampering yourself before your big day is simple: we want you to look and feel unstoppable. Even though beauty lies within, we want to showcase your external beauty by helping you feel great about yourself. Walk down the aisle with confidence and state your vows with assurance.

Try booking some different self-care appointments. First, book a manicure and pedicure. We want your hands looking sharp for that beautiful engagement ring and those toes looking ready to take on the dance floor. Another appointment to consider is a hair appointment.  Whether you regularly get your hair dyed, or prefer more natural-looking hair, think about getting your hair cut, trimmed, or styled a few weeks in advance of the wedding. Take this as an opportunity to select the hairstyle you want on your wedding day. Booking a wax appointment is also a very common self-grooming tactic many brides use to feel good about themselves. Although not necessary, waxing will get you brows, legs, and body feeling smooth and sleek for your wedding day. If you plan on getting your makeup professionally done, do a test run with your makeup artists at least one week before your wedding day to figure out what feels best on you. You’ll feel great about yourself and it will relieve a great deal of stress when getting ready for your wedding day.

Plan The Perfect Wedding With The Manor

At The Manor, we want you looking good and feeling confident when it comes to your big day. To do that, you need to minimize the stress you have to deal with for your wedding.  The wedding planning experts at The Manor can help you with all your wedding needs.  From picking a venue to finding dresses, and choosing a caterer, The Manor can help you plan your perfect wedding. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy a day to yourself. For more tips on pampering yourself before your wedding or information on local spas, contact the wedding planners at The Manor at 973-325-2060.

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