2014 Trends in Wedding Cake Toppers

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Wedding cake toppers have turned into a great way for brides and grooms to personalize their wedding cake, and the current trends in wedding cake toppers give wedding couples very creative options for topping their gorgeous wedding cakes elegantly…or amusingly.

Here are the top trends in wedding cake toppers 2014:

    • Words. The cake topper is a sign, in wooden, metal, acrylic or other material letters, saying “Mr. & Mrs,” “We Do,” “Blessed,” and a top design shown on Pinterest wedding pins: “Best Day Ever.” In a separate style of cake topper, Words are displayed on paper flags stuck into the top cake layer.

  • Monograms. Your last initial might stand alone atop your cake, or be paired with each of your first initials, and the design might be sparkle metallic, rustic wood, modern acrylic or even made of chocolate.
  • Silhouettes. A top Pinterest wedding pin in ‘cake toppers’ is black silhouette cutouts of a bride and groom, kissing. This cake topper captures an heirloom or antique quality that is so prevalent in today’s elegant weddings with an heirloom touch, and this design is also being used to top cupcakes on the dessert table.
  • Flowers. It’s still an elegant touch for a formal ballroom wedding or for a garden wedding to top your cake with a cluster of fresh flowers. In 2014, the trend is for a collection of monochromatic flowers looking like a mini bouquet on top of the wedding cake. The cascading flowers look extending down the entire length of the cake has faded as a trend a bit, replaced with the simple elegance of fresh or sugar paste flowers on top, and a coordinated flower or two on the middle cake layer.
  • When wedding couple figurines are used, they’re more often customized to resemble the actual wedding couple, and sometimes designed to show those ‘mini-us’ figures in comical situations, such as the bride dragging the groom up to the top cake layer, or the groom pulling open his shirt to reveal a Superman ‘S’ beneath. Many Etsy wedding artists create customized wedding toppers, and many of the best NJ bakeries will also help create custom wedding topper figures.
  • And lastly, you might not wish to have a wedding topper at all. Current trends in wedding toppers and top Pinterest wedding cake photos show cakes so beautifully decorated with icing and fondant effects, that no topper is needed. Fondant lace effects might cover the entire cake, and a single sugar paste flower might be added to the cake’s middle layer, as one of the top trends in wedding cake style. The cake is perfect without a topper, so it’s just the cake design and flavors you’ll focus on with a top pastry chef.


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