Best of Wedding Seating

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Best of Wedding Seating
If there is one daunting task every couple must take on, it’s probably deciding the seating arrangement for their wedding. Fear not, we can help to ensure your seating chart will look less like a rubix cube and fit together more easily like a kids’ puzzle. From the types of elegant seating for your ceremony, to determining where or where not to seat guests at your reception, Manor blog readers, our Best of- Wedding Seating, you’ll want to read comfortably sitting down, with your feet up.

Mix It Up! The Best Placement

Wedding Seat Chart Trends now incorporates tables of different shapes and sizes. This blog gives you the okay to go ahead and mix up 14 seaters and square tables, with circle tables and 8 seaters. It’s easier and far more fun to mix up table sizes and allows larger groups of relatives or friends to sit together. Want more elbowroom for your guests? Seat 8 people at a 10 tops and so on, they’ll surely be more comfortable after grooving on the dance floor. To learn more about aesthetics, like considering having longer tables to display grand centerpieces and floral arrangements, read this blog.

Sitting in Style

Ceremony Seat Décor Trends are always changing and this blog can help you decide what will best suit your wedding style. Straight rows or arched? Whatever you choose be sure to spread out the rows for best results. Fabric draped over seats and material slipcovers make your wedding day even more elegant. Consider bursts of color in a few rows or a beautiful colored pattern. Add a decorative accent to certain seats like VIP rows, or diversify rows with trendy touches like ruffles, bows, and even crystals. Need ideas on seating for the bride and groom during their ceremony? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The Best Seating Arrangements

Wedding Reception: Seating Chart Tips and Trends can be tricky but practice makes perfect, right? There are now many online seating charts available on wedding websites to help you practice. For family that would be better separated, mix in his and her sides of cousins, aunt and uncles- you’re all family now! Gone are the days of kid’s tables, as it’s easier for parents to keep an eye on the little ones when they are seated together. For couples with babies, be sure to seat them far from the speakers, as their ears are still developing and sensitive. Also, elderly relatives and friends may find sitting close to the speakers annoying. For more seating etiquette tips read on!

The Best Spots for the Bridesmaids

Bridal Party Seating may be one of the easier seating arrangements to plan. Consider factors like if bridal party members have significant others, if the majority of your wedding party has significant others, its recommended to arrange couples to sit together. However, if you have an eye for photography and tradition, sitting the entire bridal party together can capture some extra moments on camera. Choose to have his and her sides in line, or alternate bridesmaids and groomsmen down a long elegant table.

Think of your wedding day as a joyous reunion for old family and friends, no matter where they are seated. By having this mindset, it will add to the excitement of your wedding. Our wedding planners are happy to help all your wedding dreams come true.

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