Friday Night Weddings

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You just got engaged to the love of your life! You are filled with joy and happiness. There is nothing more magical than getting a head start on planning your dream wedding. From picking out your venue, to picking out your wedding dress, and so much more. One of the biggest decisions to make is what day to have your wedding on. The most popular day to get married on is a Saturday. However, Friday nights are becoming more and more popular and there are plenty of reasons why.

Availability For Your Wedding

It seems like almost everyone wants to get married on a Saturday. Why though? Many people see Saturday weddings as traditional. Tradition is great, but because so many people want to get married on Saturday, many venues may be booked a year out. If you don’t want to wait that long to say, “I do,” choosing a Friday wedding can open up your options and let you choose the wedding venue that you are looking for. Go over this with your wedding planner and see what they have to say about a Friday night availability.

Prices Could Be Lower

SAVE SAVE and SAVE! Who doesn’t like saving money? Wedding can be quite expensive. Although this is not always the case, many venues lower their rates when you choose to have a Friday night wedding because they are not as common as Saturday weddings. Cutting back on the venue cost will help you and your partner use money for something else, like saving for your dream honeymoon!

Choosing Photographers and DJ’s

Another great thing about having a Friday wedding again is that there is more of a chance of you getting the DJ that you want as well as the photographer since Friday night weddings aren’t as popular as Saturday weddings. Look around and see what your options are. Some photographers and DJ’s may charge you less because you are doing a Friday wedding. Do your research and look at all of your options.

Inviting Your Guests

You might be thinking a Friday night wedding is not a good choice because many of your guests might work on Fridays. If you send your wedding invitations with enough time in advance, most likely people will be able to request the day off or simply ask if they can have a half-day so that they can attend your wedding. Don’t think that just because you are having a Friday wedding it means that people can’t attend. Tell your guests in advance to save the date for your Friday night wedding.

A Dreamy Magical Friday Night Wedding

Are you ready to start planning your dreamy over the top wedding? Look no further than choosing a Friday night wedding! With various venues, DJ’s, and photographers to choose  from,  planning a Friday night wedding has never been easier. So go ahead and choose a Friday night wedding over any other day of the week.

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