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Bridal Party

It is a great honor to be in the Wedding Party. Those closest to the couple are able to feel special and distinct, and are able to help with the big day. There are, of course, many big decisions that couples must make in regards to the wedding party. The wedding experts at The Manor have put together a few tips to help couples with wedding party decisions: from selecting the lucky few to asking them the big question, the wedding planners at The Manor share some tips.

Selecting Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Choosing who will be in the wedding party is a different process for everyone. Some couples know immediately who they want to include, others have to make tough decisions. There are a few rules of thumb that can help ease the stresses of choosing the wedding party.  First, consider the size of the wedding. A general rule is one bridesmaid or groomsmen for every 50 guests, but feel free to break this rule. Keep in mind, that the more bridesmaids or groomsmen the more details must be organized (more matching outfits, schedules to accommodate, wedding party gifts to buy, etc.).

When attempting to select bridesmaids and groomsmen, consider the relationships. Siblings are almost always included, even if they may not have a particularly close relationship. Brothers and sisters are guaranteed to have a bond for life, and are usually honored at weddings. Consider those that there is a particularly special bond with, and bear in mind that there is no quid pro quo rule. When someone is included in a wedding party, they are not expected to return the favor. Also, consider the commitment it requires to be in the party, and choose responsible people. Take a deep breath and think twice before selecting someone to be sure it is a good fit. If worried about excluding someone important, many couples include special people in the wedding in other ways – such as ushers or page readers in the ceremony.

Asking Friends To Be In The Wedding Party

After narrowing down the list and selecting the lucky few, it is time to ask them. It’s a very big moment for those who are asked, since being invited into a wedding party circle is a great honor, a sign of great admiration, and one of the biggest thrills that couples can share with their closest friends and family.  Today, brides and grooms are taking extra steps to make this invitation even more special to their future bridesmaids and groomsmen. There are many more creative ways that brides and grooms today are putting their own unique spin on the question, “Will you be in my wedding party?

On the bride’s side, this trend has been very popular. Rather than asking a simple question or sending a text, brides are getting creative and going above and beyond to turn their BFFs into bridesmaids. There is a large range, from simple cards to elaborate gift boxes, that can create a sentimental moment when asking the important question.  Many brides send flowers accompanied with a sweet sentimental card that asks the big question. Some incorporate thematic props, like dressing a stuffed bear up as a bridesmaid to send them. For long distance friends, many brides incorporate voice recordings so they can increase personality. Other brides make it an event to ask their ladies to be bridesmaids by hosting a dinner or cocktail party and then clink cocktail glasses for the first time as a bride and her bridesmaids. Keep in mind the large commitment that comes with being a bridesmaid, and be sure to show them how much they are appreciated for their help.

Men have also been picking up on this trend, as groomsmen proposals have been growing in popularity. Some grooms ask the question by engraving it on their favorite alcoholic bottle; these can also serve as a keepsake. Some ask the question on a card with a classic cigar attached to represent brotherhood and unity. Custom cufflinks are another popular way to ask for groomsmen. Or, many grooms plan an event to ask their buddies. Gathering them all for lunch at a favorite pub and asking them for their services is often used as an excuse to celebrate together.

Breaking Tradition

In today’s weddings, the bride’s lineup and the groom’s lineup are more personalized than ever, sometimes comprised of unexpected participants. For example, the bride may invite close male friends to serve as ‘bride’s attendants’ or even ask her closest male friend or brother to be her ‘Man of Honor,’ in place of the traditional maid of honor. Similarly, the groom may invite close female friends to stand on his side, serving as a ‘groom’s attendant’ or ‘grooms woman’. The groom may select his closest female friend to stand up as his ‘Best Woman,’ although some brides prefer to think of themselves as the Best Woman of the day, choosing instead the title of ‘Groom’s Honored Attendant’ for this female bridal party participant. Couples may also choose to have more than one best man or maid of honor. Some couples include tweens in their wedding parties with the title “Junior Bridesmaid” or “Junior Groomsman”. Brides also should no longer feel any compulsion to leave out a friend who will be pregnant at the time of the wedding. Today’s bridal gown designers now offer so many beautiful maternity bridesmaid dresses that it’s quite common to see many radiant, pregnant bridesmaids standing up for the bride.

Planning Your Bridal Party

A wedding is one of the most important days of our lives, and having those closest to us standing next to us can make the day even more special. Don’t be afraid to customize your wedding party to create your perfect scenario. The wedding planners at The Manor have seen many New Jersey brides create variations of these traditions, and aren’t afraid to break traditions to create a picture perfect wedding day.

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