How Brides Can De-Stress Before a Wedding

 In For the Bride, Pre-wedding

Stress Free BrideWeddings are an incredibly stressful time for brides. Whether it’s finding the perfect dress, having flawless hair and makeup to go with it, or just making sure everything during the wedding goes on without a hitch, brides have too much on their minds. When a bride’s anxiety levels rise, you can expect tears, yells, and even a special appearance from “Bridezilla.”

Luckily, there are plenty of ways for a bride to de-stress before her big day. Here are a few ways brides can de-stress and focus on enjoying the best day of her life.

Have a Meditation Session

One of the easiest (and most common) ways anyone can relax before a stressful day is to have a twenty or thirty-minute meditation session. Not only will it calm the bride down before the big day, but it will also put her mind at ease, thus making the wedding much more peaceful and for the couple and their guests.

Unplug With a Digital Detox

Putting away any electronic devices will help the bride-to-be relax more before her wedding day. The bride doesn’t need endless pictures of people on social media stressing her out. More importantly, she doesn’t need any distractions from adorable videos of kittens and puppies. Make sure she turns off the phone and focuses on enjoying the celebration.

Get Active

The days leading up to your wedding can have a serious impact on a bride’s ability to focus and relax. But going outside and getting some fresh air beforehand can be one of the best solutions to overcome pre-wedding jitters. A light exercise session can clear her mind of any unwanted thoughts she may have leading up to the wedding.

Treat Her To Some Calming Scented Candles

There are many scents proven to calm people down, so why not think about embracing them to de-stress before the wedding? Pick up a few candles, incense, or whatever you prefer to set a pleasant mood. Lighter scented candles can give your mind a calming atmosphere and will leave the bride feeling relaxed and stress-free.

Soak In a Hot Bubble Bath

What can be better and more relaxing than scented candles? A bubble bath, of course! Why not draw some hot water, put in her favorite scented bubble bath soap, and soak in a calming bubble bath. Don’t be afraid to put those calming scented candles around the tub to make the bride’s bubble bath more relaxing.  A little wine or a book doesn’t hurt either. Remember: This is HER day, and she needs to feel at peace. Otherwise, you run the risk of unleashing Bridezilla.

Keep a Journal Leading Up to the Wedding

The last two weeks before the wedding are usually the most stressful for any bride. Keeping journal entries can help organize her thoughts and feelings. Make sure she jots down notes whenever she feels her stress levels rising.

Ask Your Friends and Family For Help

Nobody can plan a wedding alone, but having family and supportive friends can make the planning process much easier. Whether the bride needs help finalizing the dinner menu, paying the photographer, booking the DJ, or any of the other countless responsibilities on her plate, try offering some help with her errands. Even if it’s as little as making a phone call to the florist, the bride-to-be will remember your helping hand.

De-Stressing Before She Walks Down The Aisle

A stress-free bride makes for a happy bride! So if you see your daughter or best gal pal feeling overwhelmed, try recommending some of these helpful de-stressing tips. We hope these tips help. For more tips, tricks, and trends about wedding planning, make sure to subscribe to our blog.

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